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Asigra is highlighting five major data protection challenges threatening SaaS application data, as well as the need for comprehensive data protection measures to safeguard this information.

Understanding the risks associated with SaaS applications cannot be overstated as the vast majority of them do not offer enterprise-grade data protection or anything close it, says Asigra. Without an effective data protection strategy, businesses are vulnerable to data loss, breaches, and regulatory non-compliance. Therefore, it is crucial for organizations to recognize and address the challenges they face in order to protect their SaaS application data effectively.

Asigra has outlined the following five most significant challenges in SaaS application data protection and security faced by IT professionals:

Incomplete backups: organizations often assume their SaaS providers fully back up their data, but this is not always the case. To mitigate this problem, organizations must clearly understand their SaaS provider's backup policies and consider third-party backup solutions for more complete data protection.

Lack of backup frequency: traditional backup mechanisms may not run frequently enough to capture all changes and updates, leading to potential data loss during the recovery process. Implementing a backup strategy with high-frequency, incremental backups is crucial to minimize data loss.

Complexity of data restoration: restoring large amounts of data to a specific point in time or reverting to a particular version of data in a SaaS application can be complex and time-consuming. Organizations should have a clear, well-tested recovery plan and conduct regular restoration drills to ensure system and data integrity.

Regulatory compliance: regulatory frameworks such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA impose strict guidelines on data handling, including backup and recovery. Organizations must align their strategies with relevant regulations, considering data sovereignty, encryption standards, and user rights to data.

SaaS application cyber defense: malware and ransomware attacks pose a significant threat to SaaS applications. Employing advanced threat detection mechanisms, regular system updates, and maintaining a robust backup and recovery strategy are essential to prevent and mitigate such attacks.

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