Interim survey results: Are business continuity and information security converging?

Are business continuity and information security converging?Last year Continuity Central published the results of a survey looking at whether the increasing focus on information security is having an effect on the traditional demarcation lines between business continuity and information security management. We are now repeating that survey to monitor how things have developed and the interim results of the survey are now available:

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On stones, clay and rubber balls:
why business continuity is not a risk management discipline

Mark ArmourMark Armour explains why he believes that we need to agree on our definitions and change our thinking around risk management, business continuity and resilience.

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Getting tough: defending against the cyber cold war

Simon TownsendWar has arguably been one of the constant themes throughout human history. What has evolved, is the weaponry that we have utilised in warfare. We have seen the sword evolve into the musket, into the rifle, into the machine gun, into mechanised warfare, into nuclear bombs, and now – the cyber attack. Simon Townsend looks at what organizations can do to protect themselves.

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Why you are probably thinking about ransomware the wrong way…

Sandra BellThe root of stopping the disruption caused by ransomware is not technology, rather it lies with human psychology. Dr. Sandra Bell looks at why this is the case and what factors organizations should consider.

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