The benefits that ALARP can offer to business continuity managers

business continuity spendingHow much should your organization spend on business continuity and IT disaster recovery? And how do you find out if it being spent in the right areas to really make the organization resilient? Mark Saville and Mark Smith explain how a technique borrowed from the way that high-hazard industries manage risks can help.

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ISO 22330 Guidelines for People Aspects of Business Continuity

Liz RoyleIn early June ISO published ISO 22330, its latest business continuity standard. In this article, Dr Liz Royle explains what the new standard is, why it was needed, and what it contains.

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How to make ERM more relevant to strategic leadership

Peadar DuffyEnterprise risk management is often criticized as being remote from the real strategic needs of the organization. Is this fair comment and, if so, what can be changed to make ERM more relevant? Peadar Duffy gives his viewpoint...

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Supply chain continuity: why transportation management systems need to be an enterprise priority

Craig SummersThroughout organizational supply chains the pressure for product deliveries to be made as quickly as possible is increasing inexorably. Craig Summers looks at the issues.

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