ISO 22361:2022 - Crisis Management Guidelines: a closer look

Crisis ManagementIn November 2022 ISO released a new guidance standard, ISO 22361:2022, to provide a structured approach to crisis management. In this article Hilary Estall MBCI, IRCA BCMS Principal Auditor reviews ISO 22361 and picks out the key points.

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Data breaches: who foots the bill?

Simon PamplinRecent research reveals that both companies and MSPs are disturbingly unclear about their legal and financial obligations when a data breach occurs. As a result, contracts are ambiguous and the risks of legal wrangling severe. Simon Pamplin looks at the issue.

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‘Rephrasing’ purpose, values, and culture for greater resilience

Robert HallResilience isn’t just about the plans, processes, and strategies that organizations put in place; it goes to the very heart of the organization itself.
Robert Hall explains…

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Three steps to protect your organization from wiper malware

 Florian MaleckiWiper malware is an alarming threat to corporate data - it aims to delete your data permanently and make it completely unrecoverable. Florian Malecki looks at what organizations need to have in place to protect themselves.

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