Where next for the BIA?

Where next for the BIA?It seems clear from Continuity Central’s recent ‘To BIA or not to BIA... revisited’ survey that the majority of business continuity professionals see the business impact analysis (BIA) as a vital aspect of the business continuity process… but is that the end of the conversation? Is the current bipolar state of the 'keep the BIA as it is' and 'ditch the BIA' discussion nuanced enough? David Honour discusses these questions...

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Has the crisis communications ‘golden hour’ disappeared?

Victoria CrossThe rapid growth of social media, fuelled by camera-enabled smart phones, is obvious for all to see, and it has had fundamental impacts on society. But what about its impacts on crisis communications? Victoria Cross suggests that it has resulted in the disappearance of the traditional ‘golden hour’.

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A response to ‘Where next for the BIA?’

Alberto MattiaAlberto Mattia, chief executive officer of PANTA RAY, gives a detailed response to Continuity Central’s recent article discussing what the future direction of the business impact analysis could be.

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An approach to cyber resiliency: unifying cyber security incident response and business continuity

Chandrasekar SBringing cyber security incident response and BC teams together will enable organizations to better manage cyber resiliency suggests Chandrasekar S.

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