CTO? Why updating your backup strategy should be on your 2019 to-do list

Why updating your backup strategy should be on your 2019 to-do listBackup technology has evolved over the years, but the time has come to take a completely fresh approach, says Avi Raichel. In this article Avi explains: Why backup is a CTO concern; What CTOs need to do to update the backup strategies in place; How CTOs can help the business become IT resilient.

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Protecting business networks with the power of AI

Thorsten KurpjuhnOrganizations may be tempted to dismiss artificial intelligence as something which is currently out of their reach, but Thorsten Kurpjuhn says that this is definitely not the case. In fact, AI can help businesses of all sizes to ensure network uptime and protection.

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2018's outages: what are the lessons for 2019?

Doron PinhasDoron Pinhas looks at the common factors behind various high-profile technology outages in 2018 and proposes a practical approach which will help organizations reduce unplanned downtime in 2019.

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Adam’s Law? Vulnerability to disruption increases with development

Paul Barry-WalshPaul Barry-Walsh argues that as complexity increases in society, so do interdependencies. To prevent cascading disasters, organizations need to implement firebreaks which will ensure that they do not become the weak link in the supply chain.

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