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Top business continuity risks for retailers
ContinuitySA has identified seven generic risks which can have an impact on retail businesses.

US retailers launch ‘Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center’
Through the R-CISC, retailers are sharing cyber threat information among themselves and, via analysts, with public and private stakeholders.

‘Branch in a box’ helps retailer’s business continuity strategy
UK-based consultancy, Jermyn Consulting, has developed a bespoke business continuity system for a leading electrical distribution chain.

You can't always stop a breach: but you should always be able to spot one
December 15th is the anniversary that Target's infamous security breach was discovered; but has anything really changed in the year that has gone by? Retailer after retailer is still falling foul of the same form of malware attack. So just what is going wrong?

OSHA issues guidance for retailers to help keep workers safe during major sales events
As the United States’ holiday season approaches, the Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is encouraging retail employers to implement safety measures to prevent workplace injuries during major sales events, including Black Friday.

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