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Pandemic planning: archive

Horizon scanning: carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae
The US CDC has issued a warning about the emerging risks posed by bacteria which are becoming more resistant to ‘last-resort antibiotics’.
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•Date: 8th March 2013 • US/World •Type: Article

Report from UK Scientific Pandemic Influenza Subgroup on Modelling published
Considers the possible progression of a future pandemic flu strain from its country of origin to, and then within, the UK.
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•Date: 30th Nov 2012 • UK •Type: Article

Novel virus raises SARS fears: but evidence shows that transmissibility is low
New coronavirus virus is different from any that have previously been identified in humans; preliminary enquiries have revealed no evidence of illness in contacts of the two reported cases.
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•Date: 25th Sept 2012 • UK/World •Type: Article

The H5N1 threat in context
Current evidence shows that H5N1 mortality rates can be as high as 80 percent of infected people; in the event of an H5N1 pandemic, if the virus is even one tenth as virulent as has been documented in recent smaller outbreaks, the resulting fatality rate would be worse than in the 1918 pandemic.
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•Date: 24th February 2012 • World •Type: Article

Horizon scanning: the Schmallenberg virus
Novel animal disease raises business continuity fears for Europe’s farmers; potential for transmission to humans being investigated.
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•Date: 17th February 2012 • UK/Europe •Type: Article

New agreement improves global preparedness for influenza pandemics
After a week of negotiations, an open-ended working-group has successfully agreed upon a framework to enhance response measures to future pandemics.

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•Date: 20th April 2011 • Region: World •Type: Article

Government consults on UK Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Strategy 2011
The UK Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Strategy updates the 2007 National Framework to encompass the lessons learnt from the recent H1N1 pandemic.

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•Date: 23rd March 2011 • Region: UK •Type: Article

Report captures pandemic preparedness lessons from major US universities
Universities found that pandemic preparedness paid off.

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•Date: 9th Dec 2010 • Region: US/World •Type: Article

Regional pandemic exercise taking place in South-East Asia
Aims to simulate the effects of a pandemic on different sectors of an entire region’s essential services.
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•Date: 18th August 2010 • Region: SE Asia•Type: Article

As the WHO declares that the H1N1 Influenza Pandemic has ended, worries grow about a new microbiological threat: NDM-1
As one crisis passes, attention now focuses on NDM-1, a new multidrug-resistance mechanism which has the potential to develop into a major global health problem.
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•Date: 17th August 2010 • Region: Various •Type: Article

Is pandemic planning now a laughing stock? Full results of the recent Continuity Central survey
Includes a useful overview of the current state of pandemic planning.
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•Date: 30th July 2010 • Region: World •Type: Article

WHO maintains pandemic status for H1N1 influenza
Trends update published.
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•Date: 23rd July 2010 • Region: World •Type: Article

Pandemic planning: a business continuity success story
Lyndon Bird comments.
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•Date: 7th July 2010 • Region: Various •Type: Article

Two reports into UK pandemic response published
Official reviews seek to capture lessons learned to help improve response to future pandemics.
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•Date: 2nd July 2010 • Region: UK •Type: Article

Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly criticises WHO and governmental pandemic handling
Plummeting confidence in official advice could prove ‘disastrous’ in the case of a severe future pandemic.
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•Date: 25th June 2010 • Region: UK/Europe •Type: Article

WHO assesses H1N1 pandemic situation
While pandemic activity is continuing, the period of most intense pandemic activity appears likely to have passed; however it is critical that vigilance is maintained.

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•Date: 8th June 2010 • Region: World •Type: Article

Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to adopt pandemic report
Report contains a critical analysis of the handling of the H1N1 pandemic.

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•Date: 4th June 2010 • Region: UK/Europe •Type: Article

External review of WHO pandemic response begins
An in-depth review by external experts to assess the global response to the H1N1 pandemic and identify lessons for the future is underway.

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•Date: 13th April 2010 • Region: World •Type: Article

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control assesses 2010 pandemic risk
No H1N1 pandemic waves are anticipated in Europe this year.

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•Date: 10th March 2010 • Region: Europe •Type: Article

WHO Emergency Committee meeting reviews H1N1 pandemic status
Concludes that it is too early to step down pandemic status.

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•Date: 25th Feb 2010 • Region: World •Type: Article

WHO defends pandemic management
Tells the Council of Europe there were ‘good reasons for the sense of priority and urgency’.

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•Date: 28th Jan 2010 • Region:World •Type: Article

India urges WHO to address concerns that H1N1 is a ‘false pandemic’
Indian health secretary, K.Sujatha Rao, has urged the World Health Organization to effectively explain reports appearing in various media outlets that H1N1 was a false pandemic.

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•Date: 21st Jan 2010 • Region: Asia/World •Type: Article

Survey benchmarks pandemic planning by businesses
A new survey by Mercer has looked at the pandemic planning activities of almost 1,000 businesses around the world.
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•Date: 6th Jan 2010 • Region: World •Type: Article

Short-term school closures may worsen flu pandemics, University of Pittsburgh study finds
Closing schools for less than two weeks during a flu pandemic may actually increase infection rates.
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•Date: 4th Jan 2010 • Region: US •Type: Article

New initiative from UK government aims to ‘prevent next global pandemic’
Scientific gathering will identify hotspots where the next global pandemic is most likely to come from and discuss how best to prevent it emerging or spreading.
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•Date: 11th Dec 2009• Region: UK/World •Type: Article

RMS performs analysis for catastrophe bond covering H1N1 flu pandemic
First excess mortality catastrophe bond structured using probabilistic catastrophe model.
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•Date: 25th Nov 2009• Region: World •Type: Article

‘Interim planning considerations for mass gatherings in the context of pandemic (H1N1)2009 influenza’
A new guidance document has been published by WHO.
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•Date: 17th Nov 2009• Region: World •Type: Article

Canadian organizations invited to submit nominations for the APEX pandemic planning award
Deadline is Tuesday December 1, 2009.

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•Date: 11th Nov 2009• Region: Canada •Type: Article

‘Doing Business During an Influenza Pandemic’
New guidance document available from the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy.
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•Date: 10th Nov 2009• Region: US/World •Type: Article

Aon launches insurance cover for pandemic building closure
Companies can now insure themselves for costs incurred if their building or the vicinity is officially closed due to a pandemic.
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•Date: 29th Oct 2009• Region: UK/World •Type: Article

Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada reminds firms about the importance of business continuity
IIROC Rule 17.16 requires members to have adequate business continuity plans.
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•Date: 27th Oct 2009• Region: Canada •Type: Article

EU health ministers meet to discuss pandemic planning
On 12th October the EU’s health ministers met in Luxembourg for an extra Council meeting to discuss H1N1.
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•Date: 13th Oct 2009• Region: Europe •Type: Article

North American governments discuss pandemic flu response
DHS Deputy Secretary discusses H1N1 coordination with Mexican and Canadian Counterparts in Mexico City.
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•Date: 8th Oct 2009• Region: N.America •Type: Article

Singapore gets new Flu Pandemic Business Continuity Programme
Singapore Business Federation provides pandemic planning advice and resources; certification possible for pandemic plans.
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•Date: 8th Oct 2009• Region: SE Asia •Type: Article

Many Canadian businesses are unprepared for pandemic flu
Ontario Chamber of Commerce survey finds that only 22 percent of respondents have a pandemic plan in place.
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•Date: 6th Oct 2009• Region: Canada •Type: Article

WHO Director-General re-states pandemic flu advice
Following the fifth meeting of the WHO Emergency Committee.
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•Date: 25th Sept 2009• Region: World •Type: Article

Queensland set to roll out pandemic flu vaccines
Roll out of the new Panvax H1N1 pandemic flu vaccine will begin in Queensland from 30 September 2009, Acting Premier Paul Lucas has announced. Queensland has undertaken extensive planning for the vaccine’s roll-out, including prioritising vulnerable groups and facilitating appropriate distribution for the State’s decentralised population. Mr Lucas said Queensland would focus on vaccinating groups at higher risk of exposure as an immediate priority, including people most vulnerable to more severe outcomes and health care workers. http://www.health.qld.gov.au/swineflu/
•Date: 25th Sept 2009• Region: Australia •Type: Briefing

Pandemic planning and your supply chain
Denis Goulet provides a checklist.
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•Date: 11th Sept 2009• Region: World •Type: Article

UK government changes pandemic planning assumptions
Worst case scenario will be not as bad as first thought.
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•Date: 7th Sept 2009• Region: World •Type: Article

Preparing for the second wave: lessons from current outbreaks
WHO Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 briefing note.
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•Date: 2nd Sept 2009• Region: World •Type: Article

Still no pandemic plan? Act now...
Helpful tips for developing a pandemic plan and for checking that your current plan has no gaps. By Andrew Fernandes.
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•Date: 28th August 2009• Region: World •Type: Article

‘Swine Flu Communications: Preparing for the Fall Surge’
With the traditional flu season quickly approaching, US health officials are bracing for the return of H1N1 swine flu. Watch this on-demand webinar to find out how emergency management professionals from Rockford Health System and the Town of Durham, CT used emergency notification during the early stages of the pandemic, what they learned and how they are applying these lessons to better prepare for a swine flu surge in the fall. https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/843681977
•Date: 19th August 2009• Region: US •Type: Briefing

EU Health Security Committee and the Early Warning and Response authorities agree pandemic policies
Unanimously adopts statements on school closures and travel advice.
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•Date: 14th August 2009• Region: Europe •Type: Article

Pandemic plan testing – moving from art to science
Steve Dance reviews the Flu Pandemic Game which was recently made freely available by the UK Department of Health for plan testing and rehearsal.
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•Date: 13th August 2009• Region: UK •Type: Article

Government of Canada provides pandemic planning support to help ensure business continuity of small and medium size businesses
The Public Health Agency of Canada has awarded a contract worth $926,600 to the International Centre for Infectious Diseases to develop SMB pandemic planning resources.
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•Date: 13th August 2009• Region: Canada •Type: Article

999 Team offers free pandemic planning training modules
999 Team, the UK-based provider of business continuity consultancy and training, has opened up its online pandemic planning training modules.
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•Date: 31st July 2009• Region: UK/World •Type: Article

BCI publishes pandemic planning resource
The Business Continuity Institute has published a 16 page report on current thinking about pandemic planning.
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•Date: 30th July 2009• Region: UK/World •Type: Article

Is your technology pandemic-ready?
This article discusses the human side of technology and the potential challenges that may arise during a pandemic and the absence of ICT staff and key knowledge holders.
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•Date: 28th July 2009• Region:UK/World •Type: Article

WHO publishes new Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 briefing note
The number of human cases of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 is still increasing substantially in many countries, even in countries that have already been affected for some time. Many countries with widespread community transmission have moved to testing only samples of ill persons and have shifted surveillance efforts to monitoring and reporting of trends. It remains a top priority to determine which groups of people are at highest risk of serious disease so steps to best to protect them can be taken. Read the note.
•Date: 28th July 2009• Region: World •Type: Briefing

WHO publishes pandemic briefing
The 2009 influenza pandemic has spread internationally with unprecedented speed. In past pandemics, influenza viruses have needed more than six months to spread as widely as the new H1N1 virus has spread in less than six weeks.
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•Date: 17th July 2009• Region: World •Type: Article

Researchers discover new type of flu antivirals
Could lead to a whole new family of drugs which will help in future pandemics.
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•Date: 16th July 2009• Region: World •Type: Article

WHO publishes recommendations on A(H1N1) vaccines
Health care and critical infrastructure sectors should be two of the priorities for first vaccinations.
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•Date: 14th July 2009• Region: World •Type: Article

US pandemic summit roundup
July 9 saw the first national Flu Summit in the US. The awareness raising and planning oriented event was strongly focussed on preparedness for the fall flu season.
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•Date: 10th July 2009• Region: US •Type: Article

H1N1 Tamiflu resistance concerns examined
The WHO has announced that it is examining cases of H1N1 Tamiflu resistance which have become evident.
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•Date: 9th July 2009• Region: World •Type: Article

BCP4me software gets pandemic flu planning extension
Now enables users to build a risk register for pandemic flu and then an action plan to handle the implications of working with significant loss of staff.
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•Date: 9th July 2009• Region: UK/World •Type: Article

US Environmental Protection Agency highlights the role of HVAC systems in pandemic flu transmission
In a presentation given in June 2009 the US Environmental Protection Agency has discussed pandemic flu infection mechanisms and the role that building HVAC systems can play in this.
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•Date: 30th June 2009• Region: US/World •Type: Article

The Flu Pandemic Game: a business continuity training resource
The UK Department of Health has made the above resource freely available.
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•Date: 24th June 2009• Region: UK •Type: Article

The keys to effective pandemic communications
Recommendations on how best to communicate during severe pandemic conditions.
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•Date:19th June 2009• Region:US/World •Type: Article

No time for complacency in pandemic planning: Aon
Influenza viruses are notoriously unpredictable and the H1N1 may mutate to become more severe at any time.
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•Date: 16th June 2009• Region: World •Type: Article

Pandemic phase six: what do business continuity managers do next?
Many pandemic plans have build in escalation steps which are meant to kick in when a phase six pandemic alert is reached, however given the relatively low virulence of the virus and the current status of infection levels should BC managers reconsider their plans? Continuity Central asked various business continuity experts to give their views...
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•Date:12th June 2009• Region:UK/US/World •Type: Article

Pandemic planning actions surveyed
The results of a survey into business response to the Influenza A H1N1 outbreak.
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•Date:27th May 2009• Region: World •Type: Article

Pandemic: don’t be complacent
The H1N1 virus ‘may have given us a grace period’, but ’no one can say whether this is just the calm before the storm,’: WHO Director-General.
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•Date: 19th May 2009• Region: World •Type: Article

ISO report highlights best practices in the use of fever screening equipment as a tool in pandemic preparedness
ISO/TR 13154:2009 is available from ISO national member institutes.
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•Date: 19th May 2009• Region: World •Type: Article

Pandemic planning webinars and podcasts
Various companies and organizations have set up pandemic planning webinars and made podcasts available. This page provides a list of these.
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•Date: 8th May 2009• Region: World •Type: Events

Pandemics – have we really learnt anything?
Leslie T Whittet highlights lessons that both business continuity managers and governments should be learning from the Influenza A(H1N1) outbreak.
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•Date: 6th May 2009• Region:Aus/World •Type: Article

Business continuity providers’ statements on pandemic response
SunGard and ICM have both issued statements covering their policies for continued service during a pandemic.
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•Date: 6th May 2009• Region: UK/US/World •Type: Article

Swine influenza is now ‘Influenza A(H1N1)’
The World Health Organization has decided to use Influenza A(H1N1) rather than ‘swine influenza’ as the official name for the novel influenza virus which is rapidly spreading around the world.
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•Date:1st May 2009• Region: World •Type: Article

Pandemic business continuity planning – the time to act is now
A comprehensive checklist by Dr. Jim Kennedy.
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•Date: 1st May 2009• Region:US/World •Type: Article

Pandemic preparedness: key questions your chief executive will be asking
To anticipate the questions that your chief executive will be asking, Malcolm Cornish has drawn up a list of questions to which you would be well advised to have some clear answers.
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•Date: 30th April 2009• Region:UK/World •Type: Article

Nine-steps for pandemic planning
Advice from the TABB Group.
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•Date: 30th April 2009• Region:US/World •Type: Article

Face masks : when and when not to use them in pandemic situations
Advice from the UK Health Protection Agency.
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•Date:30th April 2009• Region: UK/World •Type: Article

Pandemic plans trigger difficult legal questions
Managing sick and concerned workers, navigating quarantine barriers and liabilities are just a few of the impact areas facing managers, says a Pillsbury attorney.
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•Date:30th April 2009• Region: US •Type: Article

WHO raises pandemic alert level to phase 5
The World Health Organization has raised the alert over the spread of swine flu to phase 5.
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•Date:29th April 2009• Region: World •Type: Article

Pandemic plan sense check
Link Associates has published a useful checklist for companies wishing to review existing pandemic contingency plans.
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•Date: 28th April 2009• Region:UK/World •Type: Article

Pandemic level raised to four
The WHO Emergency Committee held its second meeting about swine influenza on 27 April 2009 and decided that it was appropriate to raise the pandemic alert level from three to four.
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•Date:28th April 2009• Region: World •Type: Article

Swine influenza update page
The current situation constitutes a public health emergency of international concern: WHO Emergency Committee. This page will be updated with news and resources as the incident develops.
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•Date:26th April 2009• Region: US/World •Type: Article

iJET issues pandemic preparedness report
Report demonstrates need for continued pandemic planning despite challenging economic climate.
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•Date:19th March 2009• Region: World •Type: Article

New pandemic management plan for Australia
‘Australian Health Management Plan for Pandemic Influenza’ published by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.
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•Date:17th Dec 2008• Region: Australia •Type: Article

Lloyds publishes report on pandemic impacts
Emerging Risks Team stresses the need to be prepared.
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•Date: 21st October 2008• Region: UK/World •Type: Article

Is post-pandemic recovery planning being ignored in pandemic plans?
What needs to be considered in post-pandemic plans? David Honour opens the debate...
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Date: 19th Sept 2008• Region: World •Type: Article

Singapore involves the public in pandemic planning exercise
Participating institutions will conduct a practical drill at selected branches and customer counters.
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•Date: 4th September 2008• Region: SE Asia•Type: Article

CDC publishes 1918 pandemic flu ‘storybook’
Provides valuable insight for those preparing for the possibility of another pandemic sometime in our future.
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Date: 26th August 2008• Region: US/World •Type: Article

New study demonstrates that lack of pandemic planning will affect the bottom line
‘Making a case for investing in pandemic preparedness.’
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Date: 19th June 2008• Region: NA/World •Type: Article

New academic report identifies pandemic planning weaknesses in European businesses
Government advice is insufficient to ensure that the private sector is equipped to deal with a pandemic.
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Date: 12th June 2008• Region: UK/Europe •Type: Article

‘Preparing for Pandemic Influenza: Supplementary Guidance for Local Resilience Forum planners’
New guidance from the UK Civil Contingencies Secretariat.
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Date: 22nd May 2008• Region: UK •Type: Article

Details of Singapore financial sector pandemic exercise published
The Association of Banks in Singapore, the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Ministry of Home Affairs will coordinate a two-week industry-wide exercise to test the Singapore financial sector’s pandemic response plans. The exercise will take place between 28th August and 11th September 2008.
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Date: 16th May 2008• Region: SE Asia •Type: Article

Experts meet to review influenza pandemic preparedness guidance
WHO will release revised guidance later this year.
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Date: 16th May 2008• Region: World •Type: Article

London Regional Resilience Flu Pandemic Response Plan updated
Version three now available.
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Date: 15th May 2008• Region: UK •Type: Article

New light shone on why 1918 flu spread so widely and rapidly
MIT researchers have explained why two mutations in the H1N1 avian flu virus were critical for viral transmission in humans during the 1918 pandemic outbreak that killed at least 50 million people.
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Date: 20th February 2008• Region: US/World •Type: Article

International governments discuss pandemic planning
The fifth International Ministerial Conference on Avian and Pandemic Influenza is taking place in New Delhi, India.
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Date: 5th Dec 2007• Region: World •Type: Article

Pandemic planning for utilities
A new guide, ‘The Microbiological Threat to the National Power Grid: Advanced Pandemic Planning for Utilities Executives’ has been published.
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Date: 6th Nov 2007• Region:US/World •Type: Article

Pandemic planning updates
FBIIC/FSSCC reports on pandemic ‘flu exercise; Human-to-human transmission of avian influenza detected; Projected supply of pandemic influenza vaccine sharply increases.
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Date: 26th October 2007• Region: Various •Type: Article

Is the likelihood of an influenza pandemic over-played?
A comment article by Continuity Central’s editor, David Honour.
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Date: 27th Sept 2007• Region: World •Type: Article

New report highlights 'pandemic fatigue'
Marsh and The Albright Group study says that the impact of a pandemic is likely to exceed what most corporate and governmental leaders have imagined, or are prepared for.
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Date: 27th Sept 2007• Region: World •Type: Article

Unknown high mortality illness breaks out in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
WHO responding rapidly to investigate; an important aspect of pandemic planning is to monitor outbreaks of all new communicable diseases.
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Date: 6th Sept 2007• Region: Africa/World Type: Article

Strohl Systems adds pandemic planning module to PLANet software tool
Also announces pandemic planning webinar, to take place on September 12.
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Date: 6th Sept 2007• Region: US/World Type: Article

WHO report highlights the ongoing pandemic risk caused by established and new pathogens
Pandemic influenza remains the main global infectious disease threat, but other pathogens such as Ebola haemorrhagic fever and Marburg fever could also create major pandemics.
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Date: 24th August 2007• Region: World Type: Article

Study examines the success of social distancing during influenza pandemics
Non-pharmaceutical interventions can play a critical role in mitigating the consequences of future severe influenza pandemics.
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Date: 9th August 2007• Region: US/World Type: Article

New International Health Regulations come into force
Will help to make the world more secure from threats to global health, such as pandemic ‘flu.
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Date: 15th June 2007 • Region: World Type: Article

Report published on Cumpston 06
Findings available from last year’s Australian national pandemic influenza exercise.
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Date: 14th June 2007 • Region: Australia Type: Article

WHO moves on plans for H5N1 influenza global vaccine stockpile
GlaxoSmithKline has said that it will contribute to the H5N1 global vaccine stockpile and Omninvest of Hungary, Baxter and sanofi pasteur have also indicated their willingness to make some of their H5N1 vaccine available.
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Date: 14th June 2007 • Region: World Type: Article

Pandemic planning updates
Why predicting the next Influenza pandemic is difficult and how scientists can best prepare; US preparedness to respond to Avian Influenza A (H5N1) strengthened by CDC/CSTE partnership;‘Beyond checklists: developing and implementing business plans for pandemic Influenza’.
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Date: 17th May 2007 • Region: US Type: Article

Message maps: blueprints for pandemic preparedness
A white paper from 3n which examines the role of message mapping in pandemic crisis communications.
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Date: 11th May 2007• Region: US/World •Type: Article

Business Development Bank of Canada publishes pandemic planning guidance
BDC has introduced a free online guide to help Canadian small businesses plan for a ‘flu pandemic. The user-friendly guide, available at www.bdc.ca/pandemic, provides information and templates to put together a continuity plan.
Date: 11th May 2007 • Region: Canada Type: Briefing

Pandemic planning for landlords
BOMA Canada publishes advice and toolkit.
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Date: 3rd May 2007 • Region: Canada Type: Article

Pandemic planning updates…
Recent news in the area of pandemic planning.
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Date: 20th April 2007 • Region: World Type: Article

Study finds that three quarters of people don’t wear respirators correctly: has pandemic planning implications
A new paper, ‘Respirator donning in post-hurricane New Orleans’, by Cummings KJ, Cox-Ganser J, Riggs MA, et al, has found that three quarters of people do not know how to correctly wear N-95 facial respirators. The findings are significant in terms of pandemic planning; intimating that regular pre-outbreak training and exercising may be required in this area. Read the paper.
Date: 12th April 2007 • Region: US/World Type: Briefing

Rapid response is key to understanding 1918 ‘flu pandemic successes
Cities where public health officials imposed multiple social containment measures within a few days after the first local cases were recorded cut peak weekly death rates by up to half compared with cities that waited just a few weeks to respond.
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Date: 4th April 2007 • Region: US/World Type: Article

Preparing for pandemic influenza: business continuity planning
A new white paper by Future Health Solutions provides a general overview of the topic of business continuity planning for the impacts of a pandemic.
Download the article as a PDF
Date: 23rd March 2007• Region: World •Type: Article

Pandemic planning – a win for everyone
Pandemic planning has more general benefits, says Leslie Whittet.
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Date: 16th March 2007• Region: Australia/World •Type: Article

Clinical studies provide hope for a pre-pandemic influenza vaccine
New GSK vaccine may help prepare, or 'prime', the human immune system to rapidly respond against variants of the H5N1 strain.
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Date: 7th March 2007 • Region: World Type: Article

Irish businesses get pandemic planning guidance
'Business Continuity Planning - Responding to an Influenza Pandemic’ published by the Irish government.
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Date: 6th March 2007 • Region: W.Europe Type: Article

RMS releases first commercially available influenza pandemic probabilistic risk model
The model can be leveraged to allow corporate risk managers to understand the operational impact and estimated economic loss associated with a full range of influenza pandemic scenarios at the company-specific level.
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Date: 27th Feb 2007 • Region: World Type: Article

'Flu pandemic could result in a bandwidth-choking surge in online traffic - telework plans at risk: Computerworld
Continuity Central explores the facts behind the headline.
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Date: 16th Feb 2007 • Region: US/World Type: Article

Freeman shares pandemic business continuity plan
The US company, Freeman, has developed a comprehensive plan for maintaining business continuity during an avian influenza pandemic, and the company has made it available on the Internet to help business continuity planners in other companies. Download a copy of the plan (Word document).
Date: 9th Feb 2007 • Region: US Type: Briefing

IFPMA publishes pandemic preparedness guidance
Business continuity planning advice aimed at the pharmaceutical and health care industry.
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Date: 25th January 2007 • Region: World Type: Article

Influenza updates
Scientists assess risk of potential ‘flu pandemic spread via global airlines; UN agency urges vigilance as new outbreaks of bird ‘flu are reported.
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Date: 24th January 2007 • Region: World Type: Article

Influenza updates
Bird ‘flu again spreads across Asia; Pandemic ‘flu unlikely to spread through water systems; Ramifications of widespread use of Tamiflu.
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Date: 17th January 2007 • Region: World Type: Article

Ten assumption-busting guiding principles for business pandemic planning
There are key differences between a pandemic and any other disruptive event – Dan Dorman explains what these are and how business continuity plans need to be adapted to address them.
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Date: 5th Jan 2007• Region: US/World •Type: Article

Tabletop exercises for pandemic influenza preparedness in local public health agencies
Rand has published a new pandemic planning resource which provides a fully customizable template for a tabletop exercise for pandemic influenza preparedness that can be used by state and local health agencies and their healthcare and governmental partners as an exercise in training, in building relationships, and in evaluation. More information.
Date: 12th Dec 2006• Region: US Type: Briefing •Topic: US pandemic planning

The pandemic threat: Aon assesses the ongoing risk to business
A sense of complacency seems to be creeping in…
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Date: 8th Dec 2006• Region: UK/World Type: Article

Emergence of avian influenza in Africa increases pandemic risk: UN Food and Agriculture Organization
“One weak link can lead to a domino effect.”
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Date: 7th Dec 2006• Region: World Type: Article

Survey looks at pandemic planning in Hong Kong businesses
Over 80 percent of surveyed companies have no budget for pandemic planning.
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Date: 1st Dec 2006• Region: Hong Kong Type: Article

Medical Journal of Australia warns of weaknesses in Australian pandemic planning
Warning contained in special supplement on ‘Preparing for an influenza pandemic’.
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Date: 29th Nov 2006• Region: Australia Type: Article

Researchers publish review of latest H5N1 variant
Fujian-like (FL) avian influenza is resistant to vaccines.
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Date: 31st October 2006• Region: SE Asia/World •Type: Article

New Zealand commits $2 million to Pacific Regional Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Project
Prime Minister Helen Clark has announced that New Zealand is committing $2 million to a Pacific Regional Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Project for the 2007-09 period. “New Zealand’s latest grant will help the Secretariat of the Pacific Community and World Health Organisation, who are the lead co-ordinating agencies on health emergency preparedness in the Pacific to address the gaps in planning and response to pandemics within the region,” Helen Clark said.
Date: 31st October 2006• Region: New Z •Type: Briefing

Survey explores the likely responses of people to an influenza pandemic
US survey looks at attitudes to working during a pandemic and how cooperative people will be with public-health instructions.
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Date: 26th October 2006• Region: US •Type: Article

Queensland Government publishes pandemic-related business continuity resources
‘Action Plan for Pandemic Influenza’ and associated ‘Business Continuity Planning Notes’ released by Queensland Premier, Peter Beattie.
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Date: 20th October 2006• Region: Australia •Type: Article

European Commission grants €28.3 million for new research into avian and pandemic influenza
The European Commission has announcing €28.3 million of new projects into avian and pandemic influenza. 17 projects were selected after a special call for proposals under the EU’s Sixth Research Framework Programme. The new projects cover human and animal health, and address research needs identified by organisations such as the World Health Organisation, the World Organisation for Animal Health and the Food & Agriculture Organisation of the UN. Details of all the projects can be found in MEMO/06/381.
Date: 19th October 2006• Region: W.Europe •Type: Briefing

Australian financial sector gets pandemic planning guidance
APRA has published an information paper and prudential practice guide to assist regulated institutions with their business continuity planning for a potential pandemic.
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Date: 11th October 2006• Region: Australia •Type: Article

New Zealand businesses warned to 'prepare for the worst'
The World Health Organization has told New Zealand and other western Pacific countries to prepare for a large-scale infectious disease pandemic.
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Date: 26th Sept 2006• Region: New Zealand •Type: Article

Framework for Pandemic Influenza Planning published
Businesses can obtain a ten-point pandemic planning framework from the University of Minnesota Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy.
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Date: 12th Sept 2006• Region: US/World •Type: Article

Financial Stability Forum meets in Paris
Pandemic ‘flu planning and associated business continuity measures were on the agenda.
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Date: 12th Sept 2006• Region: World •Type: Article

Lessons from SARS may help pandemic ‘flu preparations
An article in the latest issue of the British Medical Journal examines how lessons learnt from SARS epidemics in China may help preparations for new epidemics, such as pandemic ‘flu. Mainland China experienced three outbreaks of SARS between November 2002 and May 2004. The first outbreak resulted in a pandemic and caused huge financial loss and social panic, but rigorous control policies prevented further pandemics. What happened with the spread of SARS must not be allowed to happen again with H5N1. Incessant efforts are needed to improve our preparedness. Click here to view the full article: http://press.psprings.co.uk/bmj/august/ac389.pdf
Date: 18th August 2006• Region: SE Asia •Type: Briefing

Council of Australian Governments’ meeting report
Discussions included National Action Plan for Human Influenza Pandemic and counter terrorism measures.
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Date: 21st July 2006• Region: Australia •Type: Article

Latest pandemic planning resources
GLA Group Pandemic Flu Response Plan: details the contingency arrangements for London in the event of an influenza pandemic.

National Governors Association Center for Best Practices releases pandemic primer
‘Preparing for a Pandemic Influenza: A Primer for Governors and Senior State Officials’

Statins deserve study for treatment and prophylaxis during ‘flu pandemic
A new paper suggests that cholesterol-lowering agents may help lessen the symptoms of influenza and could be a viable treatment option in the event of a pandemic influenza.

Scientists develop SARS vaccine with common poultry virus
Using the virus of a common poultry disease, Newcastle Disease, University of Maryland, College Park researchers have developed a vaccine that, in early NIH trials, successfully immunized monkeys against SARS and human parainfluenza viruses. They are now working on a vaccine for H5N1 avian influenza.

Webinar: ‘Ten Ways Executives Can Prepare for Avian Flu’
MessageOne, July 26th, 2 pm (Eastern)/ 11am (Pacific)
Individuals interested in participating may register at www.messageone.com/birdflu

Date: 20th July 2006• Region: World •Type: Briefing

Australian businesses get pandemic business continuity guide
A practical guide to assist companies make continuity plans for pandemic influenza, and to manage businesses through an outbreak.
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Date: 18th July 2006• Region: Australia •Type: Article

The Conference Board publishes the results of a comprehensive survey into ‘flu pandemic planning
It’s a work in progress for most companies.
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Date: 7th July 2006• Region: US/World •Type: Article

APEC Pandemic Response Exercise report
A hypothetical outbreak of a new strain of influenza put the 21 economies of APEC to the test in a successful pandemic response exercise completed in Canberra last week.
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Date: 13th June 2006• Region: Various Type: Article

European Commission helps to establish $70 million avian ‘flu facility at the World Bank
Facility will help countries to prepare and implement integrated country action plans.
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Date: 8th June 2006• Region: World Type: Article

International Facility Management Association provides view of current state of pandemic planning
Only 7 percent of respondents have completed pandemic plans; a further 18 percent believe that pandemic issues are addressed in standard business continuity plans, with no special measures being added for pandemic response.
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Date: 5th June 2006• Region: US/World Type: Article

Australia to lead APEC pandemic response exercise
A regional simulation exercise to test and strengthen emergency communication across the 21 economies of APEC in the event of a human influenza pandemic is being led by Australia this week.
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Date: 5th June 2006• Region: A.Pacific / Austr Type: Article

Pandemic planning: a review of respirator and mask protection levels
Many business continuity planners are considering the use of respiratory protection equipment to reduce the threat to staff from pandemic influenza – but such equipment may be of little genuine use, says Jeff Charlton.
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Date: 26th May 2006 • Region: World Type: Article

WHO concerned about cluster of human H5N1 deaths in Indonesia
No sign of diseased poultry in the immediate area: raises the spectre of human-to-human H5N1 transmission.
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Date: 25th May 2006• Region: Asia Pacific Type: Article

‘Business Checklist for Pandemic Flu Planning’
The UK Cabinet Office has published a checklist to help businesses with pandemic ‘flu planning.
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Date: 18th May 2006• Region: UKType: Article

Macroeconomic and financial stability issues raised by a global influenza pandemic
The Financial Stability Forum has published a report which reviews some of the ways in which a global influenza pandemic may affect macroeconomic and financial stability. It then identifies areas which call for planning and coordination by financial system participants and authorities. Read the report (PDF)
Date: 11th May 2006 • Region: World Type: Briefing

Asia Pacific ministers agree joint avian influenza action plan
APEC ministers have adopted an action plan that will strengthen the ability of member countries to detect and respond to outbreaks of avian influenza in the Asia Pacific region.
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Date: 9th May 2006 • Region: Asia Pacific Type: Article

National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza: Implementation Plan
The US Federal Government has published a comprehensive document describing more than 300 critical actions to address the threat of pandemic influenza.
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•Date: 4th May 2006• Region: US • Type: Article: US

Harvard Business Review Report says that a ‘flu pandemic would be single biggest threat to business continuity
‘Preparing for a Pandemic,’ says that the unfolding, global nature of a pandemic makes it fundamentally different from traditional business continuity threats.
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•Date: 4th May 2006• Region: US/World • Type: Article

20 percent probability of next influenza pandemic being worse than 1918 outbreak: RMS
Companies may be underestimating their risk if they assume that the 1918 pandemic is the worst-case scenario…
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Date: 3rd May 2006• Region: US/World Type: Article

Pandemic simulation exercise reveals potential strains on telecommunications infrastructures
Telecommuting may NOT be a viable contingency option according to an exercise conducted by the World Economic Forum and Booz Allen Hamilton in January: report published this week.
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Date: 28th April 2006• Region: W.Europe/World Type: Article

New Zealand survey looks at pandemic planning in regional businesses
Fifty seven percent of over a thousand business respondents to a survey on readiness for an influenza pandemic have taken some steps to plan for it.
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Date: 28th April 2006• Region: N. Zealand Type: Article

Pandemic planning guidelines published by New Zealand government
Aimed at helping public sector organisations to update their business continuity provisions.
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Date: 25th April 2006• Region: New Zealand Type: Article

Strategic pandemic planning for business: one size does not fit all
Dan Dorman, Continuity Manager for DHL, highlights one area of pandemic planning which he feels has not yet received much attention: strategy.
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Date: 13th April 2006 • Region: US/World Type: Article

Business continuity planning for pandemic scenarios
In a highly practical article, Leslie Whittet highlights the steps that can be taken to provide real business resilience during a pandemic.
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Date: 7th April 2006 • Region: Australia/World Type: Article

Avian Influenza updates
UK Civil Contingencies Secretariat publishes Avian Influenza resources; Several preventive and control measures agreed by EU Standing Committee; New Zealand pandemic preparedness legislation introduced.
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Date: 7th April 2006• Region: Various Type: Article

My week with Avian ‘Flu
Training and reporting are all well and good, but when you find yourself in the middle of the crisis, your perspective changes. By Howard Pierpont CBM CBCP CRP.
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Date: 31st March 2006• Region: US/World Type: Article

New survey shows large gap between awareness and action when it comes to pandemic threat
70 percent of businesses surveyed believe a pandemic would damage profitability, but only 47 percent have included specific measures in business continuity plans.
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Date: 31st March 2006• Region: Various Type: Article

FluPlanner: pandemic modelling software available for download
Crisis Solutions has made an Excel-based pandemic impact planning tool available for free download from the Continuity Central website.
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Date: 24th March 2006 • Region: UK/World Type: Article

Canadian companies get pandemic planning guide
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters has published a planning guide to help Canadian business mitigate the impact of pandemic influenza.
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Date: 22nd March 2006• Region: Canada Type: Article

IMF highlights the potential global economic and financial impact of an influenza pandemic
If a pandemic is severe, the economic impact is likely to be significant, generating a ‘sharp but only temporary decline in global economic activity’.
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Date: 16th March 2006• Region: World Type: Article

Pandemic planning and preparation in the Caribbean
Julia Plumley provides advice for Caribbean businesses on how to prepare for the threat of an influenza pandemic.
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Date: 3rd March 2006 • Region: CaribbeanType: Article

Bird flu: overview and economic considerations
A detailed report on the impacts of a ‘flu pandemic on businesses, by Bradford Frank.
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Date: 17th Feb 2006 • Region: US/World Type: Article

Spring Singapore publishes guide to 'flu pandemic business continuity planning for SMEs
Comprehensive and practical resource provides business continuity responses for different alert levels.
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Date: 16th Feb 2006• Region: SE Asia Type: Article

Pandemic business continuity planning – things to consider
A very practical guide to pandemic planning for business continuity professionals, by Dr. Jim Kennedy.
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Date: 10th Feb 2006 • Region: US/World Type: Article

Potential pandemic impacts on just-in-time logistics highlighted
The just-in-time global delivery system exposes companies to potentially crippling consequences when the next ‘flu pandemic strikes, according to Michael Osterholm, PhD, associate director of the Department of Homeland Security's National Center for Food Protection and Defense.
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Date: 9th Feb 2006• Region: US / World Type: Article

To gain a sense of perspective, it helps to take the blinders off: a rebuttal
Dan Dorman, Continuity Manager for DHL, responds to Gaining a Sense of Perspective, an article published recently which asked whether pandemic threats were being exaggerated.
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Date: 7th Feb 2006 • Region: World Type: Article

Gaining a sense of perspective
Pandemic threats need an intelligent, sober approach : exaggeration benefits no-one. A personal comment by Allen Johnson.
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Date: 1st Feb 2006 • Region: UK/World Type: Article

WHO publishes draft proposals for rapid response and containment of high-risk influenza outbreak
The World Health Organization has published a new document: “WHO pandemic influenza draft protocol for rapid response and containment.”
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Date: 1st Feb 2006• Region: World Type: Article

Pandemic influenza risk poses unique threat to businesses and must be taken seriously: FSSCC
Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Homeland Security issues paper giving preparation guidelines.
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Date: 26th Jan 2006• Region: US Type: Article

Spring Singapore to publish guide on business continuity planning for influenza pandemics
Channel News Asia has reported that Spring Singapore will launch a guide on business continuity planning for influenza pandemics next month. It will be a simplified version of the Business Continuity Management standard set-up by the Singapore Business Federation during the SARs crisis in 2003. Read the story
Date: 20th Jan 2006 • Region: SE Asia Type: Article

Avian influenza updates
The latest WHO update on the situation in Turkey; UN bird flu coordinator hails ‘brilliant’ pledges of $1.9 billion to avert pandemic.
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Date: 19th Jan 2006• Region: Asia/World Type: Article

Avian influenza updates...
The latest WHO update; International Pledging Conference on Avian and Human Pandemic Influenza.
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Date: 13th Jan 2006• Region: Various Type: Article

Avian influenza updates…
Latest WHO statement; UN comments; New technique for detecting ability of flu viruses to infect humans.
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Date: 11th Jan 2006• Region: Asia/World Type: Article

WHO issues update on Avian influenza in Turkey
The World Health Organization has published a statement on the current situation in Turkey.
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Date: 10th Jan 2006• Region: Asia Type: Article

Are we missing the point of pandemic planning?
Focusing on the impact of a pandemic on staffing and output risks failing to plan for other, even bigger threats, associated with such a crisis. By Geary W. Sikich and John M. Stagl.
Read article
Date: 16th Dec 2005 • Region: US/World Type: Article

The five stages of pandemic response planning
Charlie Straker provides a practical checklist to help business continuity managers develop pandemic response plans.
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Date: 16th Dec 2005 • Region: UK/World Type: Article

US Congressional Budget Office reports on the potential impacts of an influenza pandemic
‘A Potential Influenza Pandemic: Possible Macroeconomic Effects and Policy Issues’.
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Date: 16th Dec 2005 • Region: US Type: Article

Fail to prepare for ‘flu threat and you risk a law-suit epidemic…
Businesses with no communicable illness policy and response plan may find themselves on legal life support for years to come, if pandemic influenza becomes a reality, according to Littler Mendelson, the US's largest employment and labor law firm.
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Date: 15th Dec 2005 • Region: US Type: Article

Flexible working: time to take the next step?
Flexible working will be essential if organisations are to continue to operate effectively during a pandemic. So why not leverage the business continuity investment to drive down overheads, improve the working environment and adopt flexible working as standard business practice?
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Date: 9th Dec 2005 • Region: UK/World Type: Article

Businesses believe that pandemic ‘flu is a threat, but few are prepared
According to a survey by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions and The ERISA Industry Committee.
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Date: 6th Dec 2005 • Region: N.America Type: Article

The impact of pandemic flu on business continuity planning
Pandemic influenza appears to have dropped off the news agenda in the last couple of weeks, but the threat hasn’t gone away. Dr. Jim Kennedy continues our series of articles looking at pandemic planning and warns against complacency.
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Date: 2nd Dec 2005 •Region: US •Type: Article

ACP joins with the Telework Coalition to promote telework as a business continuity response to pandemic influenza
TelCoa is urging the US Congress to pass, and President Bush to sign, three bills that eliminate barriers and provide incentives to encourage telework on all levels.
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Date: 29th Nov 2005 • Region: US Type: Article

Continuity Central pandemic planning survey results: PART 2
Respondents to the above survey provided many useful insights into how pandemic business continuity planning is actually being done...
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Date: 18th Nov 2005 •Region: World •Type: Article

Tamiflu investigation leaves business continuity planners confused
Some reporting in national media may have left business continuity planners concerned that there is an immediate risk that the drug will be withdrawn. This is extremely unlikely.
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Date: 18th Nov 2005 • Region: US/World Type: Article

Business continuity guidelines for coping with a global 'flu pandemic to be developed
A project designed to address the specific issue of business continuity during a global flu pandemic is being organised by Survive, with support from Tamiflu manufacturer Roche Products Limited.
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Date: 18th Nov 2005 • Region: UK Type: Article

New avian influenza resources published by UK government
The Health Protection Agency has issued revised interim guidelines for the investigation and reporting of suspected human cases of avian influenza. These can be viewed here (PDF). In addition, the HSE has made an avian influenza factsheet available.
Date: 10th Nov 2005 • Region: UK Type: Briefing

President Bush outlines US pandemic influenza preparations and response
Details given of US National Strategy For Pandemic Influenza.
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Date: 2nd Nov 2005 • Region: US Type: Article

New Zealand Ministry of Economic Development publishes pandemic business continuity advice
The New Zealand Ministry of Economic Development has published two documents which offer local businesses business continuity advice in relation to pandemics.
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Date: 20th Oct 2005 • Region: New Zealand Type: Article

A new planning paradigm: economic consequences of a pandemic
Geary W. Sikich takes a detailed look at the potential impacts of a pandemic and asks ‘business continuity planners - what are you doing?’
Read article
Date: 18th October 2005 •Region: US/World •Type: Article

Business continuity during an avian 'flu pandemic
Leslie Whittet provides a very helpful overview of the measures that organisations should consider when including pandemic scenarios in business continuity plans.
Read article
Date: 13th October 2005 •Region: Australia/World •Type: Article

Pandemic planning is important to business continuity : but the majority of plans don’t yet take it into consideration
The interim results of Continuity Central’s current survey.
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Date: 11th October 2005 • Region: World Type: Article

Avian influenza: no need to panic over situation in Indonesia, says WHO
Contrary to some speculation in the regional press, current investigations in Indonesia have produced no evidence that avian influenza is reaching epidemic status in the country.
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Date: 23rd September 2005 • Region: Asia Pacific Type: Article

United Nations issues avian influenza warning
Avian influenza is an international problem that needs a strong international response. UN has developed $100 million plan: so far has received funding of only $25 million.
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Date: 1st September 2005 • Region: World Type: Article

Avian influenza a real and growing pandemic threat
European Union Member States to review contingency plans and step up surveillance.
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Date: 26th August 2005 • Region: UK / W.Europe Type: Article

International SOS launches new services to help businesses prepare for influenza pandemic
Includes helping companies develop an organisation-specific Pandemic Preparedness Plan.
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Date: 12th August 2005 • Region: US/World Type: Article

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