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Shortlist for BCI Middle East Awards published

The BCI’s Middle East business continuity and resilience Awards will take place on 11th May 2015 in Doha, Qatar. The Awards will be presented as part of the BCI Middle East Conference.

The shortlist for the Awards has now been published and is as follows:

BCI Middle East Awards - Shortlist
Continuity and Resilience Consultant
Ahmed Riad Ali (MBCI)
Sachin Kumar

Continuity and Resilience Professional (Private)
Abdulrahman Alonaizan (MBCI)
Johnson Awe (AMBCI)
Khalid Ahmed Bahabri
Neyaz Ahmad (MBCI)

Continuity and Resilience Newcomer
Mounia Andalousi
Rony John
Azra Backer (AMBCI)
Ayman Fares (AMBCI)

Continuity and Resilience Team
NCB Capital Saudi Arabia
Arab National Bank
Commercial International Bank – Egypt

Continuity and Resilience Provider (Service/Product)
Ventures Middle East

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