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Phoenix statistics show that disaster recovery as a service helps improve IT DR testing rates

Over the past year, Phoenix has found that customers using disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) such as cloud backup & recovery, virtual disaster recovery or data replication services, all undertook rehearsals of their plans last year, highlighting that customers find it easier to test with DRaaS in place than customers who have traditional business continuity services, where Phoenix has seen only 40 percent of its customers testing.

Phoenix has found that DRaaS makes it much easier for customers to test because the data is with the same provider and the logistical issues usually found around testing, such as tape transportation and getting IT staff to the recovery centre, are removed. Furthermore, as it’s disaster recovery as a service, the service provider can initiate the recovery so customers are able to remotely access the recovered infrastructure to ensure that everything they needed to recover, has been recovered. The ‘live’ service element of DRaaS ensures a regular flow of communication which in turn increases awareness of testing.

Recent figures published by Phoenix show that just 45 percent of customers in total, tested last year with only 12 percent testing more than once. With environmental and hardware failures the most common reasons why customers put Phoenix on standby to use its disaster recovery services, the company is urging organisations to test their plans at least once a year to protect themselves against unforeseen but commonplace disruptions.

During Business Continuity Awareness Week (16th - 20th March 2015) Phoenix is offering tours of its facilities: to register log-on to: http://www.phoenix.co.uk/bc-open-day-registration-form/

•Date: 17th March 2015 • UK •Type: Article • Topic:: BC testing & excercising

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