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Downtime costs under the spotlight

A new industry survey has found that of those who responded the largest group (37 percent) estimated that the cost-per-minute of downtime in their organization fell into the £10,000 - £20,000 bracket.

With 80 percent of those questioned giving their recovery time objectives as two hours or greater, the results mean that the potential losses to UK businesses are high.

The study, conducted by Timico, gave a comprehensive insight into the disaster recovery habits of IT managers in the UK, and revealed a distinct lack of awareness, despite the predicted cost of outages.

The survey revealed that almost a quarter (24 percent) of IT managers acknowledged having an outage within the past month but despite that, over 70 percent admitted to never having worked out the cost of the resulting downtime.

The research also found that over 60 percent of SMEs had not yet rolled out any form of cloud-based back up within their business. Moving to the cloud can negate the need for dual site replication, an option still favoured by 18 percent of those businesses questioned. Shockingly, despite the risks, a minority of respondents even admitted to never backing up their data.


•Date: 16th March 2015 • UK •Type: Article • Topic:: BC statistics

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