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Social messaging and file-sharing content is left unmanaged in a third of firms: AIIM study

Despite the fact that the use of digital communications and collaboration platforms is growing quickly in businesses, around one in three organizations has no-one responsible for governing the content of instant messaging (39 percent), mobile (32 percent), social media (28 percent) and cloud-sharing content (33 percent), according to a new AIIM study sponsored by Iron Mountain.

The study, undertaken among information professionals by AIIM, also reveals that just under one in ten organizations is failing to regulate well-established information types such as email, customer data and public website content.

With text-based messaging now constituting a formal record and subject to the same data protection, compliance and retention requirements as paper and electronic business documents, the lack of effective monitoring and accountability could have a significant impact on information security, compliance and could be the root cause of significant reputational damage.


•Date: 6th March 2015 • World •Type: Article • Topic:: ISM

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