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The 10th Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report

Arbor Networks, Inc. has published its 10th Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report (WISR) offering a view into the most critical security challenges facing today’s network operators. Now in its tenth year, the WISR survey includes detailed information on the threats and concerns of both service providers and enterprises. This annual report is intended to highlight the key trends in the threats and concerns facing organizations, and the strategies they adopt to address and mitigate them.

The threat landscape then and now:

  • Mostly a nuisance and nothing more than an independent event a decade ago, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) is now a very serious threat to business continuity and the bottom-line. DDoS attacks today are now components of complex, often long-standing advanced threat campaigns.
  • Application-layer attacks were experienced by 90 percent of respondents in 2014. Ten years ago, 90 percent of respondents cited simple ‘brute force’ flood attacks as the most common attack vector.
  • The human element continues to be a factor in defensive capabilities – not just today, but throughout the last ten years of WISR reporting. Just in the past year alone, 54 percent of respondents reported difficulty hiring and retaining skilled personnel within their security organizations.
  • The largest DDoS attack reported in 2014 was 400Gbps; ten years ago the largest reported attack was a mere 8Gbps.

Click here (registration required) to access the Arbor Networks 10th Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report.

•Date: 29th January 2015 • World •Type: Article • Topic: ISM

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