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BSI announces that BS 65000, the new organizational resilience standard, is now available

BSI has published BS 65000 Guidance for Organizational Resilience. This new standard provides an overview of organizational resilience, describing the foundations required and explaining how to build resilience.

BS 65000 provides guidance on achieving enhanced organizational resilience and articulates the benefits of doing so. It also enhances crisis management and business continuity management practices by integrating these into a wider resilience programme. Additionally, BS 65000 references other activities including risk management, horizon scanning and change management.

BS 65000:

  • Enables upper level management to describe a strategy for the organizational resilience which identifies benefits, behaviours of resilient organizations;
  • Offers basic tools for assessing the resilience measures of an organization;
  • Contains a maturity model for measurement;
  • Includes questions organizations can use to assess their resilience measures.

To obtain the standard, click here.

•Date: 25th November 2014 • UK/World •Type: Article • Topic: Standards

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