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Business Continuity Institute publishes a ‘Working Paper’ about organizational resilience

Paper looks at: What does it mean to be resilient? What is organizational resilience?

In the latest publication in the Business Continuity Institute’s ‘Working Paper’ Series, Patrick Alcantara and Tim Jordan review the literature about organizational resilience and relate its implications to business continuity practitioners.

Entitled 'Conceptualising organisational resilience' the Working Paper notes that, whilst still in its infancy, organizational resilience may be the way forward for the risk and business continuity disciplines owing to its holistic approach to incidents. As the past couple of decades have seen the growing specialisation of allied disciplines which resulted in the creation of silos of knowledge, organizational resilience is seen as a reaction that seeks to integrate these disciplines once more.

The Working Paper concludes that, given the increasing specialisation of risk and continuity fields, there is a clamour for integration that makes these disciplines useful for top management, clients and other stakeholders. Both of these disciplines must collaborate given their complementary functions. As such, furthering this collaboration will improve practice in these respective fields regardless of how organizational resilience plays out.

To download the full version of the Working Paper click here (registration required).

•Date: 20th November 2014 • UK/World •Type: Article • Topic: BC general

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