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Report looks into emergency communications trends

The Business Continuity Institute has published the results of a research project into emergency communications. The project, sponsored by Everbridge, surveyed over 600 industry professionals, from 81 countries, reviewing and analysing emergency communications plans deployed across the world.

Report highlights include:

  • A growing awareness of the importance of emergency communications: According to the report, less than 15 percent of organizations do not have an emergency communications plan.
  • Enterprise mobility: global communications/safety considerations are critical. More than 30 percent of organizations reported that their employees frequently travel to 'high risk' countries.
  • Training, testing, engagement/buy in, response analysis: these processes are all imperative to success, but still nascent and under-utilised.
  • Social media continues to grow in importance as an emergency communications tool: 42 percent of respondents use social media to monitor their staff during emergencies.

Obtain the report after registration here.

Join Imad Mouline, CTO of Everbridge, and Patrick Alcantara, author of the report and Research Associate at the BCI, for a webinar that will discuss the research findings and share additional best practices for critical communications.

Click here, to join the webinar on Wednesday November 12th at 3pm.

•Date: 10th November 2014 • UK/World •Type: Article • Topic: Crisis communications

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