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Is crisis a failure of governance?

Directors, Risk Managers, Audit and Compliance professionals are faced with intense scrutiny when organizations are threatened by extreme and abnormal situations.

For organizations to meet this challenge senior managers need an understanding of the relationship between governance, risk management, crisis and continuity.

Effective governance and management of risk requires organizations to be capable of adapting and responding to changing circumstances. Embedding a capability to handle unexpected events and issues benefits the organization not only from the perspective of protection but also for seizing opportunity. Change can be positive as well as negative.

A strategic crisis response programme as proposed in the recently published BS 11200 (Crisis management. Guidance and good practice) helps to embed risk management thinking, aid compliance, improve internal and external communication of risk and demonstrate good governance.

In recent years there has been a remarkable growth in guidance and standards relating to corporate exposure from the development of governance through risk management processes to business continuity and crisis management.

The linkages between these disciplines are examined in a Corpress LLP briefing ‘Strategic Crisis Management and Governance Review’ written by David Evans, a contributing author to BS 11200.

The interrelationships, linkages and overlaps between governance, risk, continuity and crisis are explored against a background of increasing interest in organisational resilience.

Crisis response programmes are an essential part of the directors’ tool kit but to work they must be strategic programmes.

Click to download the briefing (registration required).

•Date: 3rd November 2014 • UK/World •Type: Article • Topic: Crisis management

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