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International SOS survey looks at organizational attitudes to Ebola

A survey that included many of the Fortune 500 companies and was conducted by International SOS has found that an overwhelming majority (83 percent) expect that influenza will impact their business more than Ebola in the coming months. Furthermore, less than a third of companies surveyed has had an employee request to change their travel plans or declined to travel due to the Ebola outbreak.

In the survey, International SOS canvassed the opinions of more than 300 companies that are responding to the Ebola outbreak and asked each to identify the measures they have put in place in their organization. The top measures cited were:

  • Communicated with employees on preventing Ebola: 30 percent
  • Held a crisis planning meeting or something similar: 22 percent
  • Put international travel restrictions in place: 18 percent
  • Identified and tracked employees in affected areas: 16 percent

Additionally, when asked what the number one challenge in responding to the Ebola outbreak their organization faced, 35 percent said keeping up to date with the latest information, and 18 percent said managing employee travel plans.

International SOS has launched a new microsite to provide members of the public with updates and critical information about the evolving situation.

•Date: 27th October 2014 • World •Type: Article • Topic: Pandemic planning

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