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Combatting Ebola through risk management: what your organization can do

Lockton report provides information to help protect companies' employees and operations from Ebola threats.

The current Ebola outbreak, deemed ‘an international public health emergency’ by the World Health Organization, has left many companies uncertain of how to properly protect themselves, while ensuring the safety of its employees and operations.

"The situation on the ground is evolving quickly and poses a threat not only to companies with operations in the region, but to all companies who have employees that may come in contact with the Ebola virus while traveling internationally," said Logan Payne of Lockton's International Risk Management Team.

Most companies are concerned with two main areas when facing a threat like Ebola: personnel risk and an interruption of normal business operations leading to a loss of revenue.

In his recent report, ‘Ebola Outbreak: Risk Management and Insurance Considerations,’ Payne details numerous tips, including four key areas that should be part of a company's recommended response:

  • Stay informed: Keep current of developments and announcements made by the key organizations involved (e.g. WHO and CDC).
  • Activate contingency plans: implement measures to protect the health and safety of employees, alternative operational arrangements, and messaging to stakeholders.
  • Prevention: with no vaccine currently available, education around the disease and ways to prevent infection is critical.
  • Use of insurance: insurance may be able to mitigate the cost and complex logistics associated with evacuating an employee or providing emergency care.

The document is available after registration here.

•Date: 20th August 2014 • World •Type: Article • Topic: Pandemic planning

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