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FERMA plan for European certification of risk managers gets the go-ahead

The general assembly of the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) has agreed a framework and funding to create a European certification for risk managers.

The programme will provide certification of the professional competences and experience of individual risk managers and accreditation for the risk management programmes of education bodies. Certification will be supported by a requirement for continuous professional development and a code of ethics.

FERMA's aim is to start accepting applications for certification from risk managers and accreditation from education providers in 2015.

The President of FERMA Julia Graham commented: "This is one of the most important projects that FERMA has ever undertaken. We know there is a great appetite for certification, and it will be a key achievement for FERMA and for our member associations with whom we have engaged and worked on this project closely."

The General Assembly also agreed for funding from FERMA's reserves for the development and implementation phase of the project, which will run on a not-for-profit basis.

FERMA Vice President Michel Dennery, who is chairman of the certification steering committee, said: "A new designation is born: European Certified Risk Manager. We can be proud of that we will be providing one of the first pan-European recognitions of a profession, and one that will be a benchmark for other risk managers' professional bodies worldwide."


•Date: 9th July 2014 • Europe/UK •Type: Article • Topic: ERM

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