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UK-based business continuity consultants earn more than double the amount their US counterparts receive

BC Management’s latest annual survey of compensation levels in the business continuity and related sectors has discovered that UK-based business continuity consultants / independent contractors make more than twice as much money as their US-counterparts, and more than three times as much as Canadian business continuity consultants.

The online study was launched in December 2013 and remained open through to March 2014. A total of 1,520 respondents from over 30 countries took part, with 116 independent contractors providing compensation information.

Independent contractors are defined as ‘professionals classified as performing contract work to another entity under terms specified in an agreement. Unlike an employee, an independent contractor does not work regularly for an employer, but works when and as required.’

The survey found that the 2013 average total compensation for independent contractors in $USD was:

UK: $303,278
Europe: $248,545
USA: $140,601
Asia Pacific: $130,311
Canada: $83,982

There was an average increase in total compensation for independent contractors, with earnings increasing 8.8 percent internationally and 6.3 percent for USA based professionals.


Reader comment

I’ve just been notified that I appear to have been seriously undercharging my clients, according to the BC Management Survey!

From my experience, day rates for UK BCM Contractors are typically between £300 - £500 pd, or $500 - $850. BC Management's figures suggest an average day rate of $1378, or something in excess of £900 (using 2013 exchange rates and assuming 220 days per year). That's simply not a reflection of the UK Market as I know it.

Either BC Management need a lot more representative respondents, or a number of people are telling major porkies…

Jeremy Morris MBCI, Managing Consultant, Purbeck Consultancy Ltd

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•Date: 20th June 2014 • Various •Type: Article • Topic: BC statistics

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