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ASIS adds new standard to five part series of resilience standards

ASIS has released a standard that provides guidance for establishing and managing an audit program, as well as conducting individual audits consistent with the ISO 19011 and ISO/IEC 17021 standards.

The latest in the five part series of ASIS resilience standards that offer a holistic, business friendly approach to risk and resilience management, the Auditing Management Systems: Risk, Resilience, Security, and Continuity - Guidance for Application American National Standard (SPC 2) will help practitioners evaluate risk and resilience-based management systems, establish and manage an audit program, conduct individual audits, and identify competence criteria for auditors who conduct conformity assessments of management risk and reliance-based management systems.

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•Date: 18th June 2014 • US •Type: Article • Topic: BC standards

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