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The 2014 BANG Awards winners

The 6th Annual Bang Awards, the UK’s alternative business continuity awards, were presented on 30th April in London.

This year’s winners were:

1. Corniest Cliché
The BCI for stating on its website: “Preparing to sit the Certificate of the BCI (CBCI) examination, but not quite sure if you are ready? Take this short 50 question mock test to gauge your readiness. Instant responses will let you know whether you have failed or passed (and whether you have gained a mock “Merit”)”

2. Creativity and Innovative Planning
Neal Mullen, Chair of BANG Dublin; for understanding the membership and suggesting that their first meeting should be held at the Guinness Gravity Bar, on the basis that other UK BANG Groups have their meetings in a pub.

Nestor Alfonzo Santamaria of the Corporation of London for the work that he is carrying out for the EPS Executive London Branch and BCI London Forum, where he is leading development of a Resilience core body of knowledge, having gained agreement with the City Business Library Librarian for the establishment of a Resilience section.

4. Luckiest Recovery of the Year
Paul Robertson of PricewaterhouseCoopers for delivering a TED Talk titled 'Crisis is inevitable, failure doesn't have to be'. Paul finished by saying "If you don’t want to fail you need to practice a crisis. More specifically, if you don’t want to fail, you've got to practice failing."

5. Best Staff Awareness of BC
The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) for establishing the Annual BC Awareness Week (BCAW) and providing supporting material before, during and after.

6. Most Bizarre Exercise Scenario
Andrew Macleod of Needhams 1834 for delivery of a crisis management new team building exercise that used realistic and supportable scenarios, which had happened but were either excluded form, or not covered, in the News! The actual scenarios used were based upon an undersea fibre cable break, between the UK and Europe, and the likelihood of large volumes of trades being caused by escalating events in the East China Sea.

7. Most Helpful Person in the Industry
Laura Meadows of xMatters for providing best customer service over and above her normal course of work, and has shown her willingness to promote BC and Resilience on behalf of BANG, and the BCI London Forum who make up nearly 40 percent of the BCI’s UK membership.

8. The Rocket Science Award
Sir David Veness of Chertoff Group for supporting London First and being one of the founders of Cross-Sector Safety and Security Communications (CSSN) at a time, then and now, when such an organization was needed. Such challenges were not new, having served as Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations Department of Safety & Security from its creation in 2005 until June 2009. This role carries responsibility for UN operations globally. And, prior to this appointment, he was Assistant Commissioner (Specialist Operations) New Scotland Yard from 1994-2005. David was awarded the Queen’s Police Medal in 1994, a CBE in 2000, and was knighted in 2004.

9. Best Pub near a Recovery Centre
Bank; The Old Doctor Butlers Head (ODBH), BANG’s HQ, is a Shepherd Neame pub named after the court physician to James I, is a traditional pub in the heart of the City with a rich history and reputation for warm hospitality spanning four centuries. The bar, restaurant and function room offer a wide choice of traditional English food, cask ales, international lagers and wines in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

10. Best Contribution to the Profession
John Milne, who has championing the cause of resilience in the UK banking sector. It will be hard to find someone quite as focused on the subject of resilience within BoE to take the helm in the event that he moves on to pastures new.

BANG is a membership group for people interested in business continuity and organizational resilience. More details.

•Date: 1st May 2014 • UK •Type: Article • Topic: BC general

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