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Phoenix to open new Technology Innovation Centre

On May 14th Phoenix will open a new ‘Technology Innovation Centre’ at its West Midlands Business Continuity Centre site in Birmingham, UK. The centre will provide organizations with a flexible environment to explore new technologies and solutions, allowing them to understand the impact of changes on their IT infrastructure and ultimately their business.

Unlike large enterprises, mid-market companies don’t necessarily have the financial resources or technical expertise to respond rapidly to dynamic technology changes. They are often forced to build on top of legacy IT systems that do not have the power or flexibility to keep pace with the modern-day requirements of an ever-changing user, customer and competitor landscape.

Created with support from industry practitioners and leading IT vendors including Asigra, Citrix, HP, NetApp and Microsoft, Phoenix’s Technology Innovation Centre will enable organizations across the mid-market to meet with IT, business continuity and resiliency experts, to see how emerging technologies can be applied to real-life scenarios using replicas of their own servers, applications and data.

The centre enables a range of voice and data technologies including cloud, virtualization, and mobility services to be investigated and tested in order for organizations to understand how these can be implemented into their existing infrastructure. Visitors will have access to a range of customer experiences, design facilities and live demonstrations that ultimately allow them to plan and build their future infrastructure.

Mike Osborne, managing director of Business Continuity services at Phoenix, explains that the new centre aims to provide an outlet that addresses the concerns and complexities experienced by mid-market firms who are looking to cut through the risk and confusion when it comes to transforming their IT infrastructure:

“The purpose of our new Technology Innovation Centre is to provide a testing ground to find the best fit for the latest trends, approaches and solutions to develop, maintain and protect, an organization’s IT estate," says Osborne.

“Visitors can design their own individual journey to plan, test and understand the true impact of change and how to achieve assured performance, efficiency and resilience for their business operations and IT infrastructure. For senior decision makers of a business who do not have the technical know-how, our centre provides an outlet to learn and understand how new technologies fit their business without risk to their production infrastructure.

"We believe this is a unique and significant development, with the potential to change how businesses understand, assess and commission the most appropriate IT solutions to fit their business needs.”

The May 14th launch event is open to any interested business continuity managers. As well as being given an overview of the Technology Innovation Centre concept, attendees will see the latest version of Phoenix’s award-winning business continuity planning software and will get a chance to preview Phoenix’s new Archive as a Service offering.

The free event will cover:

  • Technology trends that will impact on business continuity: what are the opportunities and threats?
  • How to achieve better business continuity outcomes with DRaaS.
  • A Phoenix customer experience.
  • Simple Business Continuity: how plans delivered to smart devices enable more reliable, intuitive business continuity planning.
  • Integrating IT recovery and resilience for joined-up business continuity.
  • Technology Innovation Centre tour and demonstrations.
  • A ‘traditional Birmingham lunch’.
  • Afternoon user group session for Phoenix BC customers.

Places are limited, so please book now to avoid disappointment.

Click here to register.

•Date: 22nd April 2014 • UK •Type: Article • Topic: ICT continuity

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