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Cost savings and disaster recovery driving cloud adoption

Avere Systems has released the findings of its ongoing original study into cloud adoption conducted at the recent Cloud Expo Europe 2014.

Like their US counterparts at the AWS Summit in Vegas last November, the majority of the attendees in London surveyed indicated that they currently use or plan to use cloud within the next two to five years for compute (71 percent), storage (76 percent), with application purposes (80 percent).

One major difference in response was that 53 percent of US respondents cited organizational resistance as a major barrier to cloud use compared to just 11 percent in Europe indicating a potentially less conservative approach in the region.

Attitudes towards the benefits of cloud storage between the US and Europe were similar with over 60 percent of those surveyed saying that the main benefits of cloud storage were cost savings and disaster recovery.

Europeans were more concerned with potential data loss (24 percent) and cost (23 percent) than the US respondents. These concerns differ from the US respondents who did not indicate a high concern regarding potential data loss (15 percent) and cost (12 percent).

"It is clear that many of the benefits offered by Cloud are understood across these two geographies however the big disparity between organizational resistance suggests that European users may actually be more open to adopting cloud than their US counterparts," said Rebecca Thompson, vice president of marketing, Avere Systems,

"The fear of data loss may in part result from a number of high profile media reports around cloud data being used by US law enforcement and agencies which has led to greater concern from Europe than has been felt in the US."


•Date: 4th April 2014 • World •Type: Article • Topic: Cloud computing

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