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Vauxhall Motors takes business continuity awareness raising to the supply chain

On April 3rd 2014, Vauxhall Motors, which claims to be the only motor manufacturer in the world with ISO 22301 certification, has offered its local supply chain and Bedfordshire based businesses the opportunity to participate in a one day business continuity conference.

The event is being organized association with Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce, Bedfordshire Police, Luton Borough Council, Central Bedfordshire Council and Bedford Borough Council.

The material being presented uses content from Project GRIFFIN, which was developed by the City of London Police to advise and familiarise business leaders, security officers and employees of private and public sector organizations on security, counter-terrorism and business continuity issues.

The focus will help delegates to:

  • Raise awareness of current terrorist threats;
  • Recognise and respond to suspicious activity and behaviour;
  • Help participants to think about dealing with certain types of counter terrorism incidents and emergencies;
  • Improve awareness of the use of fraudulent documents and how to spot them;
  • Identify insider threats and how to protect the business and its employees.


•Date: 1st April 2014 • UK •Type: Article • Topic: BC general

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