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Counting the cost: a meta-analysis of the cost of ineffective business continuity

As part of its Business Continuity Awareness Week activities, the Business Continuity Institute has published a report to highlight the cost of common threats to organizations.

'Counting the cost - a meta-analysis of the cost of ineffective business continuity' sets out to demonstrate why it is important for organizations to have a business continuity plan.

Patrick Alcantara, Research Associate at the BCI and author of the report, commented: "The aim of the report is to drive home the message that business continuity is not the sole domain of an organization’s BC professional. Ensuring an effective, robust BC programme is also the responsibility of management, budget holders and the rest of staff. In a time where cutting budgets is the norm, it is important to be reminded of the cost of being caught flat-footed in an incident. The false economy created by cutting down on business continuity may create bigger problems that may impact on organizational resilience and viability."

Read the document (PDF).

•Date: 18th March 2014 • World •Type: Article • Topic: BCAW 2014

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