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Datto launches ‘Business Continuity Built From the Ground Up’

Datto has announced a significant advancement of its entire solutions offerings. Launched at the 2014 XChange Solution Provider event in Los Angeles, Calif., Datto says that it has become the first channel vendor to build a hardware and cloud solution specifically for the business continuity market.

Using the tagline ‘Business Continuity Built From the Ground Up’, the product release “combines breakthrough technology with sleek designs”.

Developed especially with the managed service provider (MSPs) and value added reseller (VARs) in mind, the new Datto solutions will help channel partners stand out in a competitive landscape and secure new business and establish strong recurring revenue.

“We recognize that the business continuity market is changing at a rapid pace and we want to ensure that our partners and their clients are equipped with solutions for present day and future needs,” said Austin McChord, Datto founder and CEO. “This new product line represents a shift in the channel and proven recurring revenue models supported by cutting edge technology and hardware. We are committed to the channel and helping move our partners forward. This next-generation of Datto solutions provide the necessary tools to not only compete but deliver exceptional service to their end users.”

The launch includes three Datto product collections:

  • The Datto SIRIS 2 family: this includes SIRIS 2 Business, SIRIS 2 Professional and SIRIS 2 Enterprise.
  • The Datto ALTO family: comprised of ALTO 2, ALTO XL, and ALTO XL Professional,
  • The Datto Snap NAS.

The following are Datto’s descriptions of the new product lines and are published verbatim:


A thorough redesign to Datto’s flagship SIRIS line, SIRIS 2 represents enterprise continuity built from the ground up, for businesses of every size. SIRIS 2 sets the standard for best-in-class technology that protects and restores critical business data, with the ability to keep a business operational in the event of downtime. SIRIS 2 offers the availability for field upgrades and a total of 11 hardware models.

  • SIRIS 2 Business is aimed at small to medium-size businesses that do not require a rackmount unit, but want the unmatched Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of instant local virtualization. Clients as small as 500GB can grow their BDR to 3TB without a device replacement.
  • SIRIS 2 Professional, for the medium-sized business, features instant local failover and redundant cloud backup with an efficient non-dependent backup chain. Hot swap drive bays and IPMI are standard on all models and the ability to expand from 1TB to 5TB without device replacement.
  • SIRIS 2 Enterprise is by far the most robust offering of the lineup with dual Xeon E5 six cores with up to 96GB of upgradeable RAM. The system supports all of Datto’s proprietary software and can run multiple virtualizations at the same time that it syncs to the cloud without any decrease in performance. A redundant storage configuration supports a data range of 5TB to 36TB of storage without a device replacement.

All SIRIS 2 models have front panel USB 3.0 ports to support faster RoundTrip processes.

ALTO 2 and XL

Launched in April 2013, ALTO continues to be the only backup, disaster recovery solution designed specifically for small businesses. ALTO 2 dynamically takes the small business market to a new level of data protection, recovery and continuity.

  • ALTO 2 is the only enterprise-grade continuity solution for small business. Updates include a two times faster, brand new quad core CPU and a new motherboard that is more reliable and better supports Datto Inverse Chain Technology™. Additional features include Dual Gigabit NICs to accommodate restore and network functions.
  • ALTO XL represents the most requested product by Datto Partners, answering the need for ALTO technology with capacity larger than 1TB. ALTO XL is the larger ALTO 2 device and boasts features like SSD OS, hot swap drive bays, as well as, software improvements like Backup Insights™ and Hybrid Virtualization. Additional features include RAID on all models and Quad-Core CPU for faster backups.
  • ALTO XL Professional enjoys all the core technologies and features of ALTO XL but in even larger capacities. ALTO XL Professional expands from 5TB to 26TB.

All ALTO 2 and ALTO XL models have front panel USB 3.0 ports to support faster RoundTrip or cloud seeding processes.

Datto Snap NAS

Snap NAS is a network attached storage (NAS) device that utilizes snapshotting to give users the ability to track back versions and see changes that have occurred across multiple shares. The device seamlessly integrates with Windows based operating systems and can even serve as a storage area network (SAN) within an IT infrastructure due to a coming ISCSI VMware integration. Snap NAS represents the first time a NAS has been sold in a recurring revenue model and offers a new income approach for Datto Partners.


•Date: 5th March 2014 • US/World •Type: Article • Topic: BC markets & companies

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