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FBI Director highlights cyber threat growth

FBI Director James Comey spoke to a group of cyber security industry professionals at the RSA Conference in San Francisco last week, highlighting the ‘dire’ nature of cyber threats.

Key highlights form Mr. Comey’s speech include:

  • “The threat is so dire that cyber security has topped Director of National Intelligence Jim Clapper’s list of global threats for the second consecutive year, surpassing both terrorism and espionage—even the threat posed by weapons of mass destruction.”
  • “Given the scope of the cyber threat, agencies across the federal government—including DHS, the Secret Service, and the Department of Defense—are making cyber security a top priority.”
  • “We can’t do what we need to do without our private sector partners. You are the primary victims of the evolving cyber threat. But you are also the key to defeating it. You have the information on your servers and your networks. And you have the expertise and the knowledge we need to stop these attacks.”
  • “We are actively listening to your concerns. We understand that you are reluctant to report intrusions, either because you’re worried the government will start rummaging around your networks or because you fear your reputation will take a hit in the marketplace. You may be reluctant to share information with your competitors. You’re worried about the loss of confidentiality and liability issues.”
  • “We must be able to break down each intrusion into distinct phases. We need to create a blueprint, because even our most sophisticated adversaries will try to repeat successful attacks. We need to examine patterns and behaviors, to determine how they operate, and how best to stop them. We must build an intelligence-driven predictive capability. To do that, we need an automated intrusion system and a standard language and data format through which we all communicate in real time. And, of course, we need to do all of this while being mindful of the need to protect privacy and promote innovation.”

Read the full speech.

•Date: 5th March 2014 • US •Type: Article • Topic: ISM

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