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KPMG survey looks at business continuity practices in Africa

KPMG has published a new report that looks at how African businesses are utilising business continuity. ‘Business Continuity Management in Africa: Building resilience in a volatile environment’ is based on a survey of 150 regional business executives, which was conducted between November 2012 and February 2013, through personal interviews and online responses.

The report highlights include:

  • IT and infrastructure disruptions, corruption, cyber attacks and fire are African business leaders’ main concerns. Business leaders across Africa are also somewhat concerned with health and safety incidents, economic risks, supply chain disruptions, social unrest, natural disasters, human diseases, war and terrorism.
  • Corporate governance and business strategy are the key drivers to implement business continuity programs.
  • Business continuity programs are increasing in Africa but business continuity is not yet embedded in organizational culture. Two thirds of the surveyed organizations in Africa have a business continuity program in place but more than half either have not implemented the majority of the BCM components or have not reviewed them in the last three years.
  • IT and data disruptions are the African business leaders main concern and IT disaster recovery is the most implemented BCM component.
  • Business continuity planning is often not fully implemented. Many organizations in Africa do not perform business impact analysis to identify critical business processes and adequate recovery strategies. Many of these organizations do not have crisis management or business recovery plans. Business continuity training, awareness and performance evaluation are also areas requiring more attention.
  • Business continuity standards adoption is still low in Africa. 61 percent of the respondents’ organizations did not follow a standard to support the implementation of their business continuity program, less than 2 percent had their business continuity program certified and less than 6 percent are planning to certify their program in the next three years.
  • Business continuity programs are highly sponsored by the Executive Board but BCM responsibility, funding and resourcing are often not clearly attributed.

Read the survey report (PDF).

•Date: 26th September 2013 • Africa •Type: Article • Topic: BC statistics

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