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Guidance for securing business records in hurricane and typhoon season

Recall, a provider of document storage, secure document destruction, digital document management and data protection services, has issued records information management (RIM) best practices guidelines for the hurricane and typhoon seasons.

Recall developed these guidelines to assist businesses of all sizes to properly assess their business continuity in preparation for the extreme weather in high-risk locations around the world.

The guidelines, available as a white paper at http://www.recall.com/prepared after registration, help businesses examine their RIM program and how this program works in conjunction with a company’s business continuity execution.

Recall’s strategies include specific guidelines to mitigate document loss and damage in tropical storm season, including:

  • Methods to create and implement a records information management plan, detailing the past and current lifecycle status of documents.
  • Techniques to perform full risk assessments of physical security of critical documents.
  • Strategies to collect and store critical documents and computer backup tapes in a secure, storm-proof, off-site location.

•Date: 17th July 2013 • US/World •Type: Article • Topic: BC general

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