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ISO publishes product recall standard

ISO has released a new standard which aims to help suppliers manage product recalls.

‘ISO 10393:2013, Consumer product recall – Guidelines for suppliers’ provides guidance on how to establish, implement and manage a consumer product recall programme.

ISO 10393 will help organizations plan and execute timely and cost-effective recall programmes, minimize legal risks, protect consumers from unsafe or dangerous products, and build customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Dr. Eunsook Moon, Chair of ISO/PC 240 that developed the new standard comments: “By using ISO 10393, retailers and manufacturers will have consistent and repeatable processes for handling product recalls within one or across multiple retail jurisdictions.”

ISO abstract:
ISO 10393:2013 provides practical guidance to suppliers on consumer product recalls and other corrective actions after the product has left the manufacturing facility. Other corrective actions include, but are not limited to, refunds, retrofit, repair, replacement, disposal and public notification.

ISO 10393:2013 is intended to apply to consumer products, but might also be applicable to other sectors.

More details.

•Date: 17th April 2013 • World •Type: Article • Topic: BC standards

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