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Cyber attacks – a new edge for old weapons

EU cyber security agency, ENISA, has issued an information Flash Note, ‘Cyber attacks – a new edge for old weapons’ that analyses and tracks recent cyber attacks.

The latest targeted cyber-attacks on government organizations and high-profile companies show the need for greater awareness and knowhow in network and information security, says the EU’s European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA).

The Agency urges Europe’s businesses and government organisations to take urgent action to address cyber-attacks. It highlights several issues such as cyber space’s lack of borders, failing security measures and the security issues of email. It also makes several recommendations, for instance to focus more on prevention and to look at more secure communication solutions.

Commenting on the latest wave of cyber attacks, ENISA’s Executive Director, Professor Udo Helmbrecht said: “Well known cyber-attack methods, such as spear-phishing, are still very effective. However, much can be done to counter these attacks - by making users aware of traps, and by ensuring that better security measures are in place.

“In cyberspace, it is difficult to be sure where attacks originate, so the focus should be on preventing and mitigating attacks, regardless of where the attackers are based.”

Read the Flash Note.

•Date: 14th March 2013 • Europe/UK •Type: Article • Topic: ISM

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