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Survey identifies worrying trend for pandemic planning

Increasing numbers of British workers claim they're so worried about losing their jobs that many are reporting for work even when sick with a cold or ‘flu, according to Fisherman’s Friends annual British Cold and Flu Survey.

Six out of 10 workers said they didn’t take a single day off from work due to a cold or flu during 2012 and the average worker was struck down with an average of two such illnesses.

Research commissioned by Fisherman’s Friend (a type of cough sweet) – which polled 2,000 adults throughout the UK – also found that the average amount of time taken off by workers for such ailments was less than 1.4 days in 2012, compared with an average of two days the previous year, and more than double that number (four days) just four years ago.

While some employers may welcome the decline in absenteeism, it should ring alarm bells for business continuity managers. Such an attitude could lead to the rapid spread of contagious diseases through a work force; and during a pandemic this could have serious consequences for business operations. Sick employees who wish to continue working should be encouraged to work from home rather than attending communal work places.

•Date: 25th Jan 2013 • UK •Type: Article • Topic: Pandemic planning

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