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Asigra launches enterprise-class cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery solution

Asigra Inc., has unveiled Cloud Backup v12, claimed to be the first and only backup solution to backup all enterprise data into a single consolidated repository. Cloud Backup v12 offers cloud application support (SaaS and PaaS), mobile endpoint support, advanced virtual disaster recovery for VMware environments and anytime/anywhere data recovery across the enterprise.

Asigra Cloud Backup v12 provides:

  • Cloud-to-cloud backup - Asigra says that Cloud Backup v12 redefines cloud backup with enterprise-class support for cloud application data. As an example, Asigra Cloud Backup now protects the complete Salesforce.com database, including accounts, contacts, leads, campaigns, and custom objects. When recovery is required, users have the option of recovering just the data or can recover both the schema and data. Users retain control of their Salesforce.com backup data and maintain security with AES 256 encryption in-flight and at-rest.

  • Anytime – anywhere - any device recovery: Cloud Backup v12 provides the ability to backup and recover all enterprise data into a single repository. This includes a comprehensive range of endpoint target coverage, including support for Windows, Linux and Mac desktops and laptops, Android/iPad tablets, iPhones, and Android smartphones. With powerful recovery performance options, users are now able to recover any data to any location or device – immediately if required.

  • High-performance snapshot support: Support for snapshots is also included in Cloud Backup v12, delivering more value by leveraging existing storage hardware investments. New capabilities include quick and efficient protection of large data sets (big data) using storage snapshots and a no-cost snapshot manager interface to catalog, configure and manage snapshots.

  • Virtual machine disaster recovery: protection against virtual machine failures is offered, with backup copies of VMs and instant activation of backup copies. Remote site protection is provided with backup of VMs to offsite data centers / centres with continued business operations as data is recovered to the primary site.

Cloud Backup v12 is available exclusively through Asigra Hybrid Partners.


•Date: 8th Nov 2012 • World •Type: Article • Topic: Cloud computing

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