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FERMA developing risk manager certification road map

The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) intends to announce a definite road map for the European certification of risk managers by the time that it holds its next major event, the FERMA Risk Management Forum, in September 2013.

Over the next 10 months, a FERMA working party will discuss the scheme with FERMA’s 22 member associations and possible education providers and project managers to have a definite plan ready for announcement at the Forum.

FERMA vice president and working party member Michel Dennery said:

“For European companies, it is important that their risk manager has European recognition. Certification can provide an indication to a company that its risk managers are competent to a recognised level which is in turn compliant with best practice of different risk management disciplines across Europe.”

Working party and FERMA board member Julia Graham commented:

“There are already many courses and qualifications in risk management, but they are at different levels and cover different countries and different aspects. Nothing currently exists that provides a consistent benchmark of competence for risk managers across Europe.”

The working party has stated clearly that FERMA does not intend to organise education courses itself. Its role will be to confirm that the risk manager has achieved a high level of professional competence and skill.

The presentation at Maastricht is most likely to propose European certification at two levels: confirmation of competence in risk management for newer entrants into the profession and a full recognition of competence and experience for more senior risk managers.

Both Michel Dennery and Julia Graham stress the importance of the views of FERMA’s 22 member associations in developing this ambitious project.

“One of our first steps is to understand what education programmes they currently provide, and what kind of competence and experience they want to see included in certification,” said Graham.


•Date: 7th Nov 2012 • Europe •Type: Article • Topic: ERM

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