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‘An Inside Track on Insider Threat’

Imperva, Inc., has published ‘An Inside Track on Insider Threats,’ a report that examines that the psychological, legal and technological tactics employed by leading organizations to mitigate insider threats, a class of enterprise risk perpetuated by a trusted person who has access to intellectual property or data, but uses that information outside of acceptable business requirements.

The report captures information gained by analyzing the best practices and incident response tactics of the 40 organizations most effective at preventing insider threats from a surveyed sample of more than 1,000.

These best practices include:

  • Making a case for business security: Imperva found that the best prepared organizations spend time with key stakeholders to identify risk tolerance and worst case scenarios in order to build effective security policies, often related to greater compliance initiatives.
  • Education: By instilling education programs, organizations can eliminate much of the risk that comes from employees that don’t know any better.
  • Control access with checks and balances: The report suggests compensating controls should be implemented to protect against administrators and super users. All employee access to sensitive information should be monitored and aberrant information should be automatically detected and reported.

Download the report (after free registration).

•Date: 25th Oct 2012 • World •Type: Article • Topic: ISM

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