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Supply chain continuity advice issued by Marsh

Marsh has issued guidance on a new strategy for managing shocks to the supply chain involves considering the risks using an ‘investment portfolio approach.’

This approach enables an organization to diversify and leverage its supply chain risk mitigation in the same manner as it diversifies and leverages its financial investments.

A starting point for the new approach is to assess the risks, the available mitigation options, and the potential costs of various supply chain disruptions (for example, lost sales, rebuild/recovery time, competitive position, and reputation). Organizations can then spread their risk efficiently across a portfolio of insurance products, retention options, and other financial tools: combined with a robust supply chain resiliency component.

By actively managing a supply chain risk mitigation portfolio, companies can more successfully plan for and recover from supply chain shocks.

Read Marsh’s guidance document ‘Taking an Investment Portfolio Approach to Supply Chain Risk Management’ (pdf).

•Date: 4th Oct 2012 • US/World •Type: Article • Topic: Enterprise risk management

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