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UK Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure introduces ‘HoMER’

Guidance on the ‘holistic management of employee risk.’

The UK Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI), in conjunction with PA Consulting, has launched a guide to employee risk management, which it is terming HoMER: holistic management of employee risk.

Counterproductive behaviour by employees – whether inadvertent, negligent or malicious – can represent a significant risk to organizations but companies’ efforts to reduce this risk often fail or even make things worse, according to the guidance.

HoMER offers a range of practical measures to help organizations reduce the risk from their employees. This risk ranges from oversight and corner-cutting – such as sharing passwords or propping open doors – to opportunistic behaviour including theft and fraud. At its worst, it can extend to malicious actions such as installing malware in the firm’s IT or enabling access to third parties. Direct losses can be severe, such as in one case putting a firm out of business for three months. Indirect losses are often less easy to measure, including the impact on a business’s reputation.

Recognising that workplace monitoring schemes can be overly secretive or lacking in proper oversight, HoMER recommends a pragmatic approach using clear guidance and senior-level accountability and is defined by transparency and clear governance.

HoMER is aimed at board members and other owners of people risk.

Read the guidance.

•Date: 20th Sept 2012 • UK/World •Type: Article • Topic: Enterprise risk management

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