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Five hidden costs of cloud migration

Cloud computing promises a low cost of entry and fast return on investment, but that ROI can fall short of expectations if hidden costs are left out of the equation. A new white paper from global IT association ISACA, ‘Calculating cloud ROI: from the customer perspective,’ takes a close look at the true costs of cloud migration and offers a practical framework for calculating returns on migrating to the cloud.

The white paper outlines five hidden costs that enterprises may fail to anticipate when moving quickly to cloud-based services:

  • Cost of bringing services back in-house due to regulatory change (e.g., stricter data privacy laws);
  • Cost of implementing and operating countermeasures to mitigate risk;
  • Unexpected expenses involved in initial migration of systems;
  • Loss of internal IT knowledge providing competitive differentiation;
  • Lock-in with specific cloud provider or proprietary service model, which may slow down future adoption of open standards-based services.

Read the white paper (registration required).

•Date: 3rd August 2012 • World •Type: Article • Topic: Cloud computing

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