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Cloud deployment survey finds that business continuity is one of the top three reasons for migrating to the cloud

The need to deliver a flexible and agile IT infrastructure in the short term is dominating the mind-set of corporate Britain as it takes the decision to migrate to the cloud. This is according to the latest research from Phoenix. However, despite the fact that the flexibility and agility cloud deployments give organizations in the short term, the need to reduce costs throughout an enterprise dominates longer-term thinking.

The Phoenix research found that the top three business drivers for migrating to the cloud are flexibility at 71 percent, speed of development and implementation on 42 percent and business continuity at 33 percent.

Cost savings also dominate corporate thinking with 38 percent stating that cloud deployment will bring capital expenditure savings, 19 percent focusing on the need to save energy costs and 19 percent also citing the savings that can be gleaned from real estate rationalisation.

The current ‘big four’ core cloud services are: email; back-up / disaster recovery; storage; and collaboration applications. While this by no means defines the cloud, it gives a helpful indication of how the cloud is most popularly and effectively employed by end users.


•Date: 17th May 2012 • UK/World •Type: Article • Topic: Cloud computing

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