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The world has become a less safe place: according to the Aon 2012 Terrorism & Political Violence Map

Aon Risk Solutions is urging companies to ensure threats to business continuity are considered as 37 countries are downgraded in its recently published Aon 2012 Terrorism & Political Violence Map.

The continued effects of the global economic crisis were very much in evidence in 2011. As austerity measures and spending cuts took hold, civil unrest, riots, strikes and student protests were witnessed across large parts of Europe. This led to 43 percent of the downgrades in Aon's 2012 map. The UK, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain were all downgraded from low risk to medium risk. Dramatic political change in the Arab world continued to cause aftershocks in that region and beyond. Authoritarian governments in Africa and Asia took measures to protect themselves from similar challenges as civil unrest, property damage and localised protests continued in the Middle East and North Africa.

Meanwhile, terrorism remains relevant to the security of businesses, with 46 percent of all countries assessed being identified as at risk of a terrorist incident. The death of Osama bin Laden last year signified the decline of a truly globalized radical Islamist terrorism capability, but regionally active groups continue to be inspired by al-Qaida's ideology. While South Asia and the Middle East remain as focal points for Islamist terrorist groups, Africa has shown the most dramatic shift in terrorism threat in the last year. The ratings of six African countries have been downgraded with Senegal receiving a double downgrade from low to high risk.

Access to Aon's 2012 Terrorism & Political Violence Map can be requested via http://www.aon.com/terrorismmap

•Date: 25th April 2012 • World •Type: Article • Topic: Enterprise risk management

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