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London businesses invited to take part in pre-Olympics ‘stress test’

Businesses across London are being invited to take part in the Capital’s largest co-ordinated test of IT, telecommunications and transport requirements.

The ‘stress test’, scheduled for 8th and 9th May 2012, aims to simulate conditions during the London 2012 Games, when many businesses will employ alternative working arrangements such as flexible hours to alleviate disruption to their operations.

Businesses of all sizes and their employees are encouraged to implement their ‘Games-time’ alternative working arrangements on 8th and 9th May and simultaneously conduct a simple and confidential online survey provided by Deloitte. The survey results will help organizations’ evaluate their plans and provide an overall industry view of the measures being adopted. Registration and participation in the survey is free to all businesses.

The Stress Test organizers aim to ensure that London has the right information to remain open for business during the Games, and in particular that employees can still access their workplaces and use telecommunications.

The initiative is being led and promoted by Canary Wharf Group plc and Deloitte working in partnership with the Government Olympic Executive, Transport for London, The Greater London Authority, City of London Corporation, the Financial Services Authority and the London First Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications Group (CSSC). A number of Canary Wharf and the City’s largest employers are already committed to the scheme.

Organizations that wish to participate are required to register at www.deloitte.co.uk/stresstest

•Date: 4th April 2012 • UK •Type: Article • Topic: BC testing and exercising

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