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Verizon exercise simulates data center disaster

On March 21st, Verizon’s MERIT team (Major Emergency Response Incident Team), conducted an exercise to simulate a response to an extremely hazardous situation that could occur inside technical network facilities and data centers.

The exercise took place in Temple Terrance, Florida, with the scenario that a 18-wheeler carrying a dangerous chemical liquid overturned in a position very close to a Verizon data center. The chemical spill required evacuation of the facility and surrounding area and an in-building response by the MERIT team.

MERIT team members worked inside the facility using Level A hazmat suits, breathing gear, masks, protective gloves and boots.

The MERIT team also practiced inspection and inventory of emergency/hazmat gear, medical equipment, decontamination equipment and air tanks; and setting up satellite communications for global communications.


•Date: 23rd March 2012 • US •Type: Article • Topic: BC exercises

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