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Global Risks 2012

The world’s vulnerability to further economic shocks and social upheaval risk undermining the progress that globalization has brought, warns the World Economic Forum in its Global Risks 2012 report. The seventh edition of this annual publication was published this week.

The report looked at 50 global risks and used a survey of 469 experts and industry leaders to capture the perceived impact, likelihood and interconnectedness of the risks.

From this process the top five risks in terms of likelihood emerged as:

  • Severe income disparity
  • Chronic fiscal imbalances
  • Rising greenhouse gas emission
  • Cyber attacks
  • Water supply crises.

The top five risks ranked by potential impact are:

  • Major systemic financial failure
  • Water supply crises
  • Food shortage crises
  • Chronic fiscal imbalances
  • Extreme volatility in energy and agriculture prices.

Read Global Risks 2012 report in full as PDF or go here for more resources from this report.

•Date: 13th January 2012 • World •Type: Article • Topic: Enterprise risk management

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