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SunGard offers CIOs cloud proof of concept

SunGard Availability Services is offering an initiative for UK CIOs to test the benefits of its cloud computing environment.

Available to enterprises for a limited time, organizations can access SunGard’s fully managed enterprise-class shared cloud in Europe for 60 days with no commitment to any long term contract. This initiative has been designed to allow those businesses thinking of making the move to cloud-based infrastructure as a service (IaaS), or even those that are unsure about the benefits such services offer, the chance to trial SunGard’s highly resilient infrastructure on a ‘try before they buy’ basis.

“CIOs have long been wary of hype around new platforms and services – often with good reason – and this has left many cynical about vendors’ ‘slideware’. We’re confident our infrastructure as a service will deliver on the cloud’s promises and so have been offering trials to existing customers for some time,” commented Keith Tilley, managing director UK and executive vice president Europe for SunGard Availability Services. “We’ve had extremely positive reactions when we’ve managed a variety of different applications in our private cloud, so we’re broadening it out to any organization.”

“We work in partnership with our customers where they retain control of their systems, but we are accountable for their availability: the resilient infrastructure upon which our platform is built and our broad experience means they have the confidence to place their most crucial live environments in the cloud with us.”

All SunGard’s services are underpinned by its heritage which spans five decades of delivering Information Availability and highly resilient infrastructures, and its enterprise-class shared cloud is governed by SLAs so customers may be confident they will always have access to their full contracted resource. With the ‘Flex’ option, customers can also rapidly provision enterprise size additional capacity – including virtual machines and processors, memory and storage – at up to 100 percent of their existing allocation.

Tilley continues, “SunGard’s reputation is built on delivering exceptional levels of availability, resilience and recovery. We’ve seen the range of things that can go wrong and know that system and data availability are key pain points for organizations looking to the cloud, and with good reason too – the platform your data is delivered on or stored in is irrelevant if it’s not resilient.”

Interested parties can find out more about the proof of concept and the SLAs behind it at: www.sungard.co.uk/cloud

•Date: 15th December 2011 • UK •Type: Article • Topic: Cloud computing

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