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The UK Cyber Security Strategy

The UK government has set out a roadmap for improving UK cyber security through to 2015. ‘The UK Cyber Security Strategy’ includes the following aims:

  • Businesses being aware of the threats they face, their own vulnerabilities and working with government, trade associations, and business partners to tackle them.
  • Government strengthening law enforcement response to cyber crime;
    providing the ‘cyber security services’ that will be needed to help businesses to operate securely in cyberspace and to protect critical national infrastructure against cyber attack.

To achieve the above, £650 million of public funding has been set-aside for a four-year National Cyber Security Programme.

Specific actions will include:

  • Working with the companies that own and manage critical infrastructure to ensure that key data and systems continue to be safe and resilient.
  • Establishing a new operational partnership with the private sector to share information on threats in cyberspace.
  • Encouraging industry-led standards and guidance.
  • Holding a strategic summit with professional business services, including insurers, auditors, and lawyers, to determine the role they might play in promoting the better management of cyber risks.
  • Bring together existing specialist law enforcement capability on cyber crime into the new National Crime Agency (NCA).

Read the strategy document (PDF)

•Date: 29th November 2011 • Region: UK •Type: Article • Topic: Critical infrastructure protection

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