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ISO 22301 update

ISO 22301, the international business continuity standard which is currently under development, has reached another milestone.

‘Societal security - Preparedness and continuity management systems – Requirements’ has now completed the Enquiry Stage, with all comments made about the DIS (Draft International Standard) having been resolved.

The next step is to move into the Approval Stage. Here the FDIS (Final Draft International Standard) is “circulated to all ISO member bodies by the ISO Central Secretariat for a final Yes/No vote within a period of two months. The text will be approved as an International Standard if a two-thirds majority of the P-members of the TC/SC are in favour and not more than one-quarter of the total number of votes cast are negative.” (Source: ISO)

However, according to a Continuity Central source there is a potential problem with approving 22301 as a FDIS. Two countries are currently opposing the move and a meeting has been scheduled this week to attempt to resolve the issue.

The opposition relates to a standard on resilience which is also under development.

•Date: 8th November 2011 • Region: World •Type: Article • Topic: BC standards

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