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Project Office publishes final update on the Market-wide Exercise 2011

The MWE Project Office has issued an update on the 22nd November financial sector Market-wide Exercise 2011. 87 participants will be taking part.

The main points from the update are:

- The Financial Authorities have developed the scenario and delivery mechanisms in partnership with a wide range of sector representatives and industry experts. In turn that work has been closely examined and challenged by independent reviewers and enhanced wherever possible to create a realistic and robust scenario.

- The scenario will test the ability of participants to respond to a concerted cyber attack on the financial sector.

- There is a strong focus upon dependencies on telecommunications and the Internet as well as managing the return to business as usual.

- The scenario will also examine the impact of transport disruption against the backdrop of the Olympics.

- Following the exercise, the MWE Project Office will identify the key lessons learned and these will be reflected in the Exercise Report which will be published in early Q1/2012 on the FSC website.

- The Post Exercise Conference will take place in early Q1/2012.

More details.

•Date: 4th November 2011 • Region: UK •Type: Article • Topic: BC testing & exercising

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