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Cloud Security Alliance publishes guide to Trusted Cloud architecture

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has announced that the Trusted Cloud Initiative has published its first white paper, ‘Trusted Cloud Initiative Quick Guide to the Reference Architecture’. The purpose of the guide is to take a user through the Trusted Cloud architecture much like an owner’s manual walks a consumer through a product.

The TCI Architecture group’s purpose is to reach common solutions stemming from common needs by creating a common roadmap to meet the security needs of businesses operating in the cloud. The TCI Reference Architecture is both a methodology and a set of tools that enable security architects, enterprise architects, and risk management professionals to leverage a common set of solutions. These solutions fulfil a set of common requirements that risk managers must assess regarding the operational status of internal IT security and cloud provider controls.

The TCI Reference Architecture leverages four industry standard architecture models: TOGAF, ITIL, SABSA, and Jericho, an approach combining the best of breed architecture paradigms into a comprehensive approach to cloud security.

The TCI Quick Guide to the Reference Architecture white paper covers the following seven areas:

  • Business operation support services
  • Information technology operation & support
  • Security and risk management
  • Presentation services
  • Application services
  • Information services
  • Infrastructure services.

You can download a copy of this white paper from here (PDF).

•Date: 19th October 2011 • Region: World •Type: Article • Topic: Cloud computing

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