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Survey results: What makes a great risk manager?

Active Risk (formerly Strategic Thought Group), conducted a major survey of risk professionals in mid-2011. Phase One analysis, based on over 250 completed responses from around the globe, has shown some surprising results and provides important advice for organizations implementing enterprise risk management programmes.

As demands placed on risk professionals increase and evolve, this new research has given an insight into the types of individuals organizations need in their risk team to produce the best chance of meeting corporate and project risk objectives. The research also provided an understanding to the training and development required to grow and retain risk professionals; strategies to improve the effectiveness of communications between risk managers and other departments such as sales, finance, contracts and projects and the actions necessary to reduce stresses on the risk team.

Risk professionals completed an online psychometric survey based on the well-established DISC profiling methodology and received a confidential personalized profile report in return. The cumulative results were used to identify the main personality types active in the profession. Three groups emerged. The largest percentage (60 percent) represented ‘Technicians’ with the characteristics for accuracy and logical action traditionally associated with risk managers. More surprisingly over 30 percent of those who responded to the survey emerged as ‘Evangelists’ who are optimistic and inspiring leaders. This new breed of risk manager could prove instrumental when imbedding a corporate risk culture. Finally, just under 10 percent of risk professionals who took part in the survey were ‘Drivers’ with determined personalities more usually associated with sales professionals.

To participate in the confidential survey and to download the Phase One summary report, go to www.activerisk.com/risksurvey

•Date: 20th September 2011 • Region: World •Type: Article • Topic: Enterprise risk management

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