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Group-wide disaster response drills at Fujitsu

On September 1st 2011, Fujitsu ran a series of group-wide disaster response drills, drawing on lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake. Given the increasing risk in recent years of a major earthquake hitting the Tokyo metropolitan area, the drills were based upon a scenario in which the Tokyo metropolitan area suffers significant damage. The exercises were designed to practice the initial actions to be taken by a contingency disaster response headquarters established in the Kansai region of Japan, should such circumstances occur, as well as those of group company offices affected by such as a disaster.

The scenario considered the impacts of power outages and communications disruptions that prevented phone (including mobile phone) and e-mail (including mobile e-mail) communications between offices, and was designed to test the ability of the company’s central business continuity plans to handle such a situation.

Highlights included:

- Fujitsu practiced the quick establishment of an internal recovery organization and exercised the process of providing customers with recovery support for their ICT systems by quickly mobilizing support personnel for customers throughout Japan.

- There are 98 Fujitsu Group companies with 260 locations within the imagined disaster area; each took part in the exercises. Management from each of the units devised their own scenarios based upon a practice planning workshop organized by the Fujitsu Research Institute.

- Each unit reported its responses via satellite mobile phone or MCA wireless to a contingency disaster response headquarters established in the Kansai region of Japan. They also practiced sharing and organizing information using CRMate, a SaaS-based information collection system offered by Fujitsu and actually used during the Great East Japan Earthquake.

- In response to a scenario where injuries were sustained by personnel from Fujitsu's Nasu Plant (Otawara City, Tochigi Prefecture) and Fujitsu Tohoku Systems Limited, those units practiced transporting the injured via stretchers and practiced the use of AEDs.

- Emergency contact systems and systems to verify the safety of the 80,000 employees in the exercise disaster zone were tested.

- Based on its review of the company's response to the Great East Japan Earthquake and placing importance on actions in the immediate aftermath of a catastrophe, Fujitsu devised a new detailed disaster response plan. The drills verified the roles and procedures of the response headquarters.

- Reflecting its business continuity plans, Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited ran an exercise involving a scenario in which its head office (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture) sustained damage necessitating disaster response functions to be transferred to the Mie Plant (in Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture).

- Fujitsu FSAS Limited practiced transferring its technology support and call center functions to the Kansai region. It also practiced implementing recovery support for customer ICT systems located in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

•Date: 2nd September 2011 • Region: Japan •Type: Article • Topic: BC testing & exercising

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