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CIO views on cloud computing surveyed

Research sponsored by SunGard Availability Services shows that despite fast adoption rates, only one in ten UK CIOs feel 'completely confident' in the security and resilience of third party cloud solutions. The research, conducted by Vanson Bourne among 250 UK CIOs, also reveals that a majority (68 percent) are only happy to move data to the cloud which is not deemed critical or sensitive.

Asked to name the types of application and data they would be least willing to move to the cloud, CIOs cited those involved in accounting, HR and payroll, all three of which would commonly include financially sensitive information.

The research also highlights how early bad experiences with the cloud may have contributed to concerns over the resilience and availability levels of some third party cloud providers, with 66 percent of UK CIOs saying they had already experienced some downtime from apps hosted in the cloud.

The fast rate at which cloud services have been adopted was also revealed, with 84 percent of CIOs surveyed having already moved some applications to the cloud and 82 percent having already moved some of their infrastructure into the cloud. 43 percent of those surveyed also said they had plans to move at least half of their IT infrastructure to the cloud in the next 12 months.

The research also highlighted some real areas of disparity in board attitudes to the cloud with CFOs generally more wary of the cloud than their CIO colleagues. CIOs were found to be more comfortable in outsourcing data than their CFO colleagues, with 14 percent of CIOs saying they were not comfortable outsourcing any data compared to 23 percent of CFOs. Furthermore, 42 percent of CIOs say that their CFOs have shown opposition or concerns about moving to the cloud.

The white paper, 'Cloud - Challenges and Opportunities for the C-Suite',
based upon the research findings may be obtained after free registration from here.

•Date: 30th August 2011 • Region: UK •Type: Article • Topic: Cloud Computing

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