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SunGard Availability Services extends European enterprise-class shared cloud services

SunGard Availability Services has announced the launch of its enterprise-class shared cloud in Europe. Built on the same principles as SunGard’s successful private cloud, the new shared environment provides customers with a cost-effective and flexible way of accessing cloud services on SunGard’s highly resilient infrastructure, with the ability to quickly and significantly scale resources.

In shared cloud offerings there is a concern that if several customers’ usage rapidly increases then overall performance can suffer. SunGard’s enterprise-class shared cloud, however, helps ensure that customers will always have access to their contracted resource by logically dedicating IT resources to each customer as if they were hosted on dedicated hardware. And with SunGard’s ‘Flex’ option, customers can rapidly provision additional capacity – including virtual machines and processors, memory and storage – by up to 100 percent of their existing allocation, allowing them to scale rapidly as their business dictates.

Most customer IT environments are encumbered by complex infrastructures running demanding applications – such as vital legacy hardware or ultra-low latency trading platforms – which compromise organizations’ ability to provision infrastructure as a service (IaaS). SunGard’s model allows a customer to combine IaaS with a highly evolved managed services offering, helping to ensure uninterrupted access to key systems and data whatever environment they reside. This hybrid approach means applications and data are delivered back to the customer seamlessly and reliably, irrespective of whether the actual applications are running within virtual or physical environments.

All SunGard’s services are underpinned by its heritage which spans five decades of delivering information availability and highly resilient infrastructures, from the architecture through to SLAs, audit trails and management procedures.


•Date: 15th July 2011 • Region: UK/Europe •Type: Article • Topic: Cloud computing

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